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Song of the Sea


Added Sat, 25/05/2019
Release date
Original title
Song of the Sea

"Song of the sea" (eng. "Song of the Sea", IRL. "Amhrán na Mara" is a feature – length colour animated film whose plot is based on motifs of Irish history and mythology.

The cartoon was very warmly received by the audience and received positive reviews from critics and has won several awards, including the Oscar 2015 for best animated film.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

The action takes place in the late twentieth century in Ireland, on a small island with a lighthouse, where an ordinary fisherman by the name Conor comes into Union with a beautiful virgin selkies. They have a son named Ben, who, like the father, is a simple man. Selkies is expecting her second child, but for unknown reasons, is forced to give birth in the sea and then, leaving on the shore a baby girl, disappears. Give the girl name saoirse.

It takes six years. Conor lives with his children and is very fond of Saoirse. Ben doesn't like her sister because according to him, the father loves her more and allow her to do whatever she wants. Ben is constantly offended, sister, at the same time showing strong attachment to his dog, the Bobtail named Ku. Saoirse, which is six years old, still can't talk.

On the birthday of Saoirse from the city comes to their grandmother, who has long opposed the children lived on the island far from civilization. Night saoirse wanders to the attic and finds a mysterious white suit. Dressed in it the girl goes into the sea and turns into a seal as her mother, saoirse turns out to be selkies. The grandmother says her granddaughter sleeping on the beach and then a frightened father throws a white robe in the sea. Grandma decides to take the kids to town, and Ku didn't take. Ben is on the road map of the path, and in the evening (the eve of Samhain) runs away from home to return for Ku. Saoirse follows brother.

Children wander into a mysterious green area in the Park where they found their shelter spirits in the image of the elderly. They rejoice in the arrival of the new selkies and claim that they will be able to get home, if saoirse will sing a song, dressed in his magic cloak. They also warn Saoirse that she is hunting an evil witch-owl by the name Mach, which has already paid almost all of the magical creatures in the stone, draining them of their feelings. The shelter is being attacked by an owl, which draw the spirits into stone, but the children escape. Ben and saoirse decide as soon as possible to get home to find the magic Cape. Along the way they meet Ku, who after the departure of Ben crossed the Strait and went after him.

Part of the way they decide to go through the forest, but because of the rain, take shelter in the hut where the sacred well. Saoirse falls down the well, it jumps Well, which fascinated Ben. Ben is trying to catch up with Saoirse, but gets lost and comes up in a cave, where he meets the sage Sanusi with magical white hair, covering the whole cave. He tells Ben that Saoirse was kidnapped by owls Mahi, and that if saoirse till dawn you don't get the cloak and not sing the song, then all magical creatures would die, including myself and saoirse. Then Ben goes into the lair of the owl witch Macha, which has nearly deprived the Saoirse of vitality, thinking that makes her better.

From a conversation with Maheu Ben understands that she draws all in stone with good intentions, as long ago her son the giant Mac LIR from the terrible grief, crying day and night, nearly flooding the whole earth, and the sorceress, unable to endure the suffering of the son, deprived of his senses, turning to stone. Grief-stricken witch and the others began to draw in the stone, believing that thus relieves them from suffering and sorrow. She partially turned to stone, because all the time gets rid of bad feelings, enclosed in glass vessels. Ben helps to Saoirse play on the magic shell, the gift of their mother. So Saoirse could break all the vessels, feelings, return to the witch, and max is again good. She decides to help children quickly get to their house and sends them together with the magic of dogs-hounds, carrying Ku and children.

Saoirse completely exhausted and on the verge of death. The kids get home, where Ben learns that his father has thrown a cloak of Saoirse at the bottom of the sea. The father does not want to listen to a story about spirits and trying to take the kids to the mainland, believing that saoirse is seriously ill and needs medical help. Ben, during a trip samishisa with Saoirse and finally feel older brother, alone dives into the sea beyond the Cape. He helped the seals, and saoirse gets his suit. When she starts to sing, all petrified spirits retain their original appearance, including Mach with the Mac title, and leave the ground, going into another world. In front of the children appears as a white seal and their mother, who also leaves this world and wants to bring the Saoirse. However, the girl decides to stay with his father and brother, though deprived of his cloak and magical properties.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Silks

As aquatic creatures in the film there are selkies – sea, people-seals from Scottish and Irish folklore.

Selkies is the beautiful wife of a lighthouse Keeper. The second child she for unknown reasons, giving birth in the sea and then, leaving on the shore a baby girl, disappears. One of the main memories that remain with children about mother – her songs and wonderful voice.

Born in the sea girl saoirse also turns out to be selkies. The first years it grows as a normal child, except he's not talking. However, at some point wisps lead the girl to the chest in which she finds a white coat. Dressed in it, saoirse goes to sea and becomes a seal. Coat is very important for girls. Not being able to wear it and swim in the sea, saoirse begins to fade.

In addition to the ability to turn into seals, the selkies, there is also a purpose: wearing a white coat, she must sing the song that will release spirits trapped in the stones, and let them escape into your world. Unlike other magical creatures,born from human saoirse has the right to choose which world she will live in a magical world together with the mother or in the human world with her father and brother.

Giant Mac LIR does not manifest itself, as also is turned to stone. After the song selkies all have spell, he, along with other spirits goes into a different world.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: The evil eye, curses and corruption

The witch-owl by the name of Mach (in Irish mythology, the name of several mythological characters and/or goddesses) drew the spirits into stone, taking away from them the emotions. She does it out of good intentions, long ago, her son the giant Mac LIR from the terrible grief, crying day and night, nearly flooding the whole earth, and the sorceress, unable to endure the suffering of the son, deprived of his senses, turning to stone. Heartbroken, the witch began to turn to stone others, believing that thus relieves them from suffering and sorrow. Stolen emotions it locks in glass vessels, which keeps in the attic of his house.

Release the captive in stone creatures can selkies, who has to sing his song on the eve of Samhain (Celtic festival of the harvest, similar to the feast of all saints Day). If this does not happen, then all magical creatures would die.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Ghost

The ghosts include magical creatures:

  • the spirits turned to stone and then released the song selkies;
  • sage Sanusi with magical white hair, covering the whole cave, which contained all of the memories;
  • giant Mac Lira, which in Irish mythology is the Lord of the sea.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Wandering Fire

Most of what is happening in the film magical events accompanied by the appearance of stray lights. Sometimes they point the way the main characters, and sometimes just swarming around them. These lights are quite material, they can be caught in the hands, however, they do not burn or disappear.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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