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The Body Snatchers


Added Wed, 17/04/2019
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The Body Snatchers

"The stealers of flesh" (original "The Body Snatchers") is a science fiction novel by American writer Jack Finney, originally published in the magazine "Colliers Magazine" in 1954.

The novel repeatedly portrayed. The first film is based became a sci-Fi picture "Invasion of the body Snatchers", released in 1956.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers


A small-town doctor learns that the population of his community is being replaced by emotionless alien duplicates.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

The story begins on 13 August 1953 in a small California town of Santa Mira. On doctor miles Bennell comes Becky Driscoll, who is experiencing a strange mental disorder. She claims that her uncle Ira isn't her uncle, but some kind of impostor, although he looks and speaks exactly like uncle Ira. Soon a strange mania extends to other residents of the town.

To miles addresses a long-time patient Jack asking him to come to his house. There he and his wife, Theodora, shows miles and Becky no signs of life without a body of prints that is similar to the master of the house. Miles decides to test his hypothesis and asks the spouses to stay home and to follow the changes of strange creatures. After a couple of hours frightened spouses come to the doctor's house, telling that the body almost to the end took the form of a husband. Miles pierces another hunch, and he makes his way to Becky's home where they find the same creature, but copying Becky. The doctor, unable to Wake his girlfriend, kidnaps her and brings to his house.

Miles calls each psychiatrist Manny who treated all his patients from delusions of the relatives of the impostors. The psychiatrist agrees to see the body, but when they find it, explains that miles had also developed mania, which will take place over time.

The next morning miles call patients claiming that the mania has passed and all is now well. When he tells this to Jack, who shows a lot of notes with the description of similar cases and says that they can't all be fiction. Miles retorted that some definitely can, and shows the note, in which a Professor gives a denial of their own judgments about the alien origin of some giant bolls.

Wife, and miles and Becky notice that the city seems to be dying. Miles calls her friend in Washington, then that is too low rank to do something to help. Then miles and his friends decide to leave town. On the way they stop at the hotel and spend the night there decide to return to the city and fight. On the road they call the Professor of notes, which find out where did the "boxes".

Back in town they separated. Miles and Becky, hiding in the medical doctor's office, where watch the city, inhabited "prints" their families and friends. These creatures are engaged in the distribution of bolls to capture other cities.

Into the office bursts into a copy of Manny with other creatures. They are trying to persuade miles and Becky to sleep, because only in dreams you can copy them. Miles persuades them to wait outside the door. Instead they slip to copy the skeletons, while they themselves break past the guards and run away. On the way they burn the farm down "boxes", after which the remains of the aliens leave the Earth. Copied in the course of five years die out and replace them real people who came to live in vacant houses.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: The Alien

The aliens in the book are the parasites that populate a habitable planet, copying the creatures that inhabit it. When on the occupied planet of dwindling resources are in the form of spores travel through space in search of a new refuge. The book stated that the other planets of the Solar system have also been attacked by these creatures.

Mars, for example. – He shrugged slightly. There, in the deserts, there are still traces of beings who once lived on the planet. Now... turn of the Earth. When and how all these planets will be exhausted fully, it doesn't matter. The spores will move on again into outer space again to go, no matter where and for how long.

The book explains not only where did the aliens, but why they came to Earth:

Balls, or boxes, came here. It could be any place, but in the end they found themselves at the farm of Parnell, on a pile of garbage, and their first attempts were a duplication of what they found: empty jar, smeared with juice when fresh fruit, broken wooden handle from an axe. It's a natural loss. They occur always when the seeds or spores into uninhabitable place.

However, a few other boxes – by the way, it would be enough one, fell, or sailed, or was hurled by the wind or curious people where it should have. And then those who were replaced, helped to be replaced by others, primarily their families. The case of Wilma Lenz, your good friend, is typical: it was her own uncle planted it in a basement box, which caused its transformation.

And the father of Becky... of courtesy, he did not finish. Anyway, as soon as there was the first replacement, the case has ceased to decide the course of the process. Only one man, Charlie Buchholz, the city inspector of gas and electricity networks, has carried out about seventy replacements; he has a free entrance to the cellars, and it is usually unescorted. Milkmen, plumbers, carpenters acted in other places. Besides, of course, since someone in the house was converted to replace the rest was a matter of speedy and uncomplicated.

The book describes in detail the mechanism of duplication and what happens next the original:

– As for how it happens, how they do their thing... – he smiled. – Listen, doctor Bennell, consider how little we know about our young small planet Earth. We're barely down from the trees; we are still savages!

Some two hundred years ago you doctors knew nothing about the circulation. You believed that the blood – stationary fluid that fills the body like water vessel. I remember a time when no one had no idea about the existence of brain waves. Think about it, doctor! Brain wave present the electric light of the brain, which has a distinctive, easily identifiable pattern, it goes from the skull to the outside, there is captured, enhanced and displayed graphically on the screen of the oscilloscope. Maybe you're epileptic, at least potentially? The your brain waves will instantly give the answer to this question – you know very well you're a doctor. But brain waves have always existed – they are not invented, only discovered. People have always had them, as they always had fingerprints, and Abraham Lincoln, Pontius Pilate, and CRO-magnon man. We just didn't know it, that's all.

There are many things that we still do not know and do not even suspect about them. Not only the brain and the body, each cell gives as much radiation as individual as fingerprints. It you know, doctor? He smiled. – Well, do you believe that invisible, imperceptible waves can leave the room, silently moving through space, to be captured and then accurately reproduce every word, sound and color of tone that you hear in this room? A whisper, a note on the piano, ringing guitar strings? Your grandfather would never have believed such an incredible thing, and you believe – believe in radio, you even believe in television.

Yes, Dr. Bennell, your body, like all living matter contains a complex picture that represents the origins of cellular life. It consists of many electric power lines, bringing together the atoms of which you consist. This is a picture infinitely more complex and perfect than any photocopy of the structure of your body at the atomic level at the moment, the picture that changes with your every breath, and every second in your body occurring infinitesimal changes. And when we sleep, these changes are minimal, so during sleep this picture can be removed from you, to tell you how electric charge from one body to another.

Now, it's possible the doctor Bennell, and it is simple enough; the confusion the electric lines of force which connect each atom of your body, making one every cell, you can gradually do it again. And then, since all types of atoms in the Universe is identical – the building blocks that make up the universe – is an exact duplicate, atom by atom, molecule by molecule, cell by cell, down to the smallest scratch or hair on your wrist. And what happens to the original? The atoms that you once was, now stationary they are nothing, a handful of gray fluff. This can occur, does occur, and, as you know, has already happened; however you do not recognize this fact. – He for some time looked at me, then smiled. – But perhaps I'm mistaken, I believe you have already recognized.

Needless duplication occurs gradually. First, the body adopts the General features of the original (height, size of limbs, the presence and color of hair), and then its distinguishing marks (scars, moles, skin imperfections and other flaws).

Provided that the copied (or duplicated) aliens body devoid of emotion (joy, fear, hope, etc.).

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Spontaneous spontaneous combustion of a person

In the book the main characters are talking about they read in the newspaper about spontaneous human combustion. Based on this article and similar publications, they come to the conclusion that not all events in the world can be explained rationally.

He pulled out another clipping and handed it to me.

This was the headline: "MAN BURNED to DEATH, NOT HURT," and she reported that on the farm in Idaho found the person that burned down. But the clothing that was on him, there was no markings, and nowhere in the house did not find traces of fire and even smoke. County coroner supposedly said that the required temperature is not below hundred degrees to burn a man. That's the whole note.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: UFO

The UFO phenomenon in the book to make the boxes with spores of alien creatures while driving. They look like very large seed pods of the earth's plants, which are slow moving in the earth's atmosphere and outer space.

The author describes their departure from our planet:

The sky above us was dotted, no, not dots, balls, unimaginable swarm of dark balls were floating in the air, rising higher and higher. The last cloud out of the Crescent moon, the sky cleared, and I looked like giant boxes plantation, which they left almost empty – swim up. The last few stirred to break the fragile stems, which they were held. Then they took off, catching up with the others and we watched as a huge swarm, gradually decreasing in size, and the balls never clashed, evenly rises higher in the sky and in the space behind him.

[...] tiny bulbs began flickering specks became dots, and a second later, blinking from the strain, I looked carefully, but saw nothing.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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