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The War of the Worlds


Added Mon, 11/09/2017
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The War of the Worlds

"War of the worlds" is considered the first work of fiction, describing the attack on people aliens from another planet. Coffee for the first time the text of the novel appeared in the publication "Pearson''s magazine" in April 1897. The book was published by "Heinemann" a year later in February 1898.

The novel consists of two parts: "Arrival of Martians", "the Land under the rule of Martians" - and the Epilogue.

The story is on behalf of a nameless protagonist, a resident of Victorian England in the beginning of XX century and the events unfolding in London and the surrounding area: the towns Horsell and Woking Surrey. All the invasion, from the time you land and before the death of the Martians, lasts 21 days.

The plot of the novel is quite simple, linear and reduced to descriptions of the events.

A few years before the start of the main event, astronomers have recorded on the surface of Mars, a strong flash, and then another nine. The main character visits the Observatory and watches the approaching side of Mars the celestial body. After some time sweeps over England a meteorite falls somewhere in the suburbs of London. The location of a meteorite find is a cylinder of the correct form, lying in the middle of a giant crater. After cooling, the shell of selected intelligent beings are aliens from Mars. Several hundred gathered earthlings flee in fear. The Martians, barely getting out of the aircraft, start the Assembly of some devices. Subsequent events show the hostile intentions of the aliens. Next, the audience standing around the crater and watching the actions of the Martians are destroyed for unknown Terran weapon - a kind of withering human body heat beam. Military begin to cordon off the landing site, but the Martians have time to collect their vehicles in the form of a tripod.

For the time during which the events described above occur, England falls 9 cylinders.

The main character flees. A military weapon is useless against the Martians, and that it is easy to manage to capture the surroundings of the crash site. After that, the aliens moving on the tripod, using heat rays and black smoke (apparently, some chemical weapons), rout and destroy the government forces and captured London.

The narrator sneaks in the occupied country. Martian flying projectile falls near the house where he was staying for the night, and he has two weeks to hide in the cellar together with lost their minds with the priest, suffering from hunger and thirst. From there he observes the life of the Martians up close. The hero runs away from the shelter after the aliens leave. Along the way he meets gunner, plans to take the Martians, but realizes the imperfection of his ideas and continues on his way. So he gets to London.

In a deserted town full of corpses, the protagonist discovers that the Martians stopped the seizure of the country and the world. As shown by further investigation, the alien invaders struck the earth's pathogens, against which the Martians had no immunity. The war was over, Britain is starting to recover after a disaster, the protagonist finds his wife alive and unharmed.

The novel was written in 1897, but even after 40 years, he was able to terrify. The radio show "war of the worlds", stylized our live coverage of an alien invasion, in 1938 caused mass panic, despite the fact that the action of the book unfolds in England, and it has been broadcast in the United States. Similar in the style of the radio show, 1949 broadcast in Ecuador's capital, caused panic among local residents, and later the rage and mayhem of the station, which caused the death of 6 people.

The novel has twice been adapted for the big screen twice. It is considered a classic adaptation of the 1953 directed by Byron Haskin. Also there is a free adaptation of the 2005, directed by Steven Spielberg.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: UFO

UFO to mean "alien spacecraft" presented in the piece as a cylinder with a diameter of about 30 yards (27.4 meters). Upon landing it was like a shooting star, shimmering with green light. The Martians could not leave him immediately, because he had to first cool down. They then slowly Unscrew the top cover, opening the way out.

In the book he is described like this:

Speaking out part was the charred form of a huge cylinder; its shape was hidden in a thick scaly layer of dark soot. The cylinder was about thirty yards in diameter.


Only by coming very close to the cylinder, I drew attention to his unusual look. At first glance it seemed no more strange than the overturned carriage or a tree that fell on the road. Perhaps, even less. He was most similar to the rusty gas tank sunk into the ground. Only a person with knowledge, could see that the gray deposits on the cylinder was not a simple oxide, that the yellowish-white metal, flashing under the lid was an unusual color.


The upper part of the cylinder loosen from the inside. It was visible for about two feet of shiny screw cutting.

Thus, the alien ship was more like a giant bullet or kernel, than a controlled mechanism.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Alien

The aliens described by wells arrived from Mars. Their goal is to conquer the planet and the destruction of the Earth's population.

The appearance of the alien from the point of view of a person quite unpleasant. In the book they describe as:

All probably expected that the hole will seem to people; maybe not quite like us, earthly people, but still like us. At least, I've been waiting for this. But, looking, I saw something crawling in the dark - grey, wavy, moving; flashed two discs, like the eyes. Then something like a gray snake, thick as a cane, began to crawl out rings from the hole and move slithering in my direction - one thing, then another.


A large greyish round the carcass, the size perhaps of a bear, slowly and with difficulty climbed out of the cylinder. Leaning out into the light, she salonius, just a wet belt. Two large dark eyes staring at me. The monster was round head and, if I may say so, face. Under the eyes was the mouth, the edges of which moved and shook, releasing saliva. The beast was breathing heavily, and his whole body was pulsing frantically. One thin tentacle rested on the edge of the cylinder is waved in the air. Anyone who has not seen a living Martian can scarcely imagine his dreadful, hideous appearance. Triangular mouth with protruding upper lip, the total lack of forehead, no signs of the chin under the lower lip wedge-shaped, continuous twitching of the mouth, the tentacles, like the Gorgon, noisy breathing in an unusual atmosphere, the slowness and difficulty of movement - the result of the greater gravity of the Earth, - especially the huge close my eyes - all it was fucking sick. Oily dark skin resembled a slippery surface mushroom, clumsy, slow movements inspired unspeakable horror. Even if your first impression at a cursory glance I felt mortal fear and disgust.

The narrator mentions that the Martians have been hard to move on the earth's surface, because, in his opinion, that the attraction of the Earth much more than Mars. However, the aliens built a special device ("tripods"), which are easy to move around, killing people. These war machines, the narrator describes thus:

Huge above the houses, the tripod was walking on young pine seedlings and breaking on its way pine; the car of shiny metal, trampled the Heather; steel, coming down with her ropes; it produced a roar, merging with the thunder. Lightning flashed, and the tripod stood out from the darkness; he stood on one leg, the other two hung in the air. He would disappear and then appear again when a new flash of lightning was already a hundred yards closer. Can you imagine a folding chair that is swaying crosses on the ground? That was the vision for fleeting flashes of lightning. But instead of a chair, imagine a huge machine that was installed on the tripod.

In addition to the tripods and heat rays, incinerating people, the aliens are black smoke (apparently, chemical weapons), which is then "washed" with steam.

In the book it is indicated that the Martians do not have their own digestive system and feed on blood, which is pumped out of people and poured into your blood system. (After the extinction of the Martians, their base was discovered humanoid beings, from which the author concludes that they are grown for food and brought in shells and fly to the Ground).

It is also stated that the Martians are asexual creatures and reproduce by budding (the narrator witnessed the birth of one of them).

The aliens were very sensitive to the earth's bacteria and viruses (the narrator suggests that on Mars they do not), which as a result was the cause of their death.

People's attitude to strangers, at first, very quiet. Nobody was afraid, because it was believed that the Martians will not be able to move because of the strong terrestrial gravity. Later, after realizing the technical relics of the Martians, there is a strong fear.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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