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Mummies in Mexico: A "deplorable and shameful fraud"

Added Sat, 16/12/2023
Дата публикации
Sat, 16/12/2023

Anthony Choi, a renowned Peruvian ufologist, was a guest on the TV program America Hoy to discuss the alleged extraterrestrial mummies recently presented before the Mexican Congress. The former radio host was very upset, describing the alleged evidence of "inhumanity": Fake corpses were found in Peru - a story that became known to the World.

The ufologist refuted everything that was said about the mummies, the origin of which is presumably the Nazca culture, and a thousand-year history. Moreover, the Mexican Autonomous University (UNAM) has denied information that carbon-14 emissions tests conducted on the samples will allow them to establish their origin, since they can only verify their antiquity.

 "I would like to condemn this deplorable and shameful fraud that offends Peru and Peruvian institutions. I would like to make this clear because I have been researching these subjects for 24 years, and throughout that time, non-human beings are among us, living among us, the UFO phenomenon is completely real. However, I cannot believe what is being done in Mexico, because it is an insult to Peru and the archaeological heritage," he said.

 With more than 20 years of experience, the researcher raised his voice and called on the Ministry of Culture to get involved in the case, saying that the figures shown abroad are mummies found in Nazca that have been modified to take on an extraterrestrial appearance.

 "This is a police matter. I urge the police and the Ministry of Culture to go to San Luis Gonzaga University. There they will find a mummy body named Maria. This is a 1,000-year-old Nazca mummy. These people cut off the mummy's thumb and index finger, and then painted the face to turn it into an alien. This is an outrage against our archaeological heritage." - He said.

 Jorge Anthony Choy Montes, known as Dr. Choy, is a ufologist, investigative journalist, lawyer, author and television presenter with a degree in social communications from PUCP and another degree in Defense and Agri-Spatial development from Escuela de Guerra of the Peruvian Air Force. He was also a senior researcher for the Study of Abnormal Aerial Phenomena (DIFAA) and entered the field of paranormal phenomena by performing hypnotic actions (regression session).

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