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"Alien Mummies" shown at UFO hearings in Mexico

Added Thu, 14/09/2023
Дата публикации
Wed, 13/09/2023

Two mummified specimens of unknown creatures, which, according to experts, are at least 1000 years old, were extracted from Cuzco (Peru) and delivered to the capital of Mexico. These mysterious samples were put on public display in the Congress of Mexico and called "alien corpses".

It is believed that the discovery of these two unusual bodies may be the most convincing proof of the existence of aliens. The creatures have three-toed limbs and they are in miniature glass coffins, which surprised scientists and other researchers.

According to the official report, the samples were recovered from Cusco (Peru) and brought to Mexico for further research. Videos from the exhibition of the bodies of "aliens" in the Congress of Mexico immediately began to gain popularity on social networks.

An unusual event called "UFO Hearings" is being held by scientists together with Mexican journalist and ufologist Jaime Mossan. Mossan and other scientists have been investigating the extraterrestrial phenomenon for decades. Even former US Navy pilot Ryan Graves attended the event.

The event was broadcast live online, showing clear images of two humanoid creatures with unnatural proportions, flat faces and crumbling, statue-like bodies.

Under oath before the Mexican government and U.S. officials, Mossan made his findings public. He told the audience that the mysterious samples were recently studied at the Autonomous National University of Mexico (UNAM). Scientists were able to obtain DNA using radiocarbon analysis. It is believed that the mummified specimens are about 1000 years old.

X-rays of the bodies were also shown at the hearing, as experts said that there were "eggs" inside one of the bodies and that both had implants made of extremely rare metals, including osmium. The team of researchers also determined that the creatures were buried about a thousand years ago inside diatoms. This type of algae prevents the growth of bacteria or fungi, which is why they are so well preserved.

"These samples are not part of our earthly evolution... These are not creatures that were found after the UFO crash. They were found in mines with diatoms and later turned into fossils," Mossan said.

He then stated that if we had the courage to admit "that we are visited by non-human intelligent beings who come to Earth from the depths of the universe, we could even travel to other universes."

It is worth saying that all this has been met with a considerable degree of skepticism, with some claiming that the "aliens" are actually human mummies that were discovered in Peru back in 2017, and then somehow modified to give them a more alien appearance.

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