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Outlet cloud in the sky over the ocean

Added Thu, 13/02/2020
Дата публикации
Thu, 13/02/2020

From the earth we used to see clouds in the form of puffy wool or fine fibers. But they are able to form and other alluring forms, some of which are only visible from space.

NASA satellite "Aqua" 29 Jan captured off the Western coast of Australia the so-called actinoform clouds (eng. Actinoform clouds). Their name comes from the Greek word aktis — Luch. Each cloud is a collection of smaller ones that are arranged in a clear radial structure. In appearance they may resemble rosette leaves, spoked wheel or POM-poms. There are linear forms, but in this case the clouds are more randomly scattered across the sky.

Actinoform cloud system it is impossible to distinguish from the ground because they are formed on large areas up to 300 kilometers in diameter in the low stratocumulus cloud fields, which are typically located over the open ocean. They were first discovered in the picture 1962, with the help of NASA satellite TIROS V. Actinoform clouds can persist for up to 72 hours and are often associated with drizzle.

The process of formation of these clouds is not entirely clear. Studies have shown the possible involvement of aerosols, but the distance of the clouds from the land puts this theory into question.

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