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Added Sun, 15/03/2020
Другие названия
Mr. Babadook
Область распространения
anthropomorphic creature
hurting people
flying objects
the manipulation of objects at a distance
unusual eye color
fire with no apparent source
spontaneously moving objects

The Babadook or Mr. Babadook is a creature from the 2014 Australian horror film. This character is not based on real legends. According to one version, his name is an anagram of "A Bad Book", according to another - a sound imitation of blows on the door, which are heard as "ba—ba-duk" or "ba-ba-duk-duk-duk" (it all starts with the fact that he knocks on the door three times).

For the first time this creature appeared in the 2005 short film "Monster", directed by Jennifer Ken. This is a low-budget black-and-white film, where the character appears in his usual, but more human form, although not directly called.

Its design belongs to the American artist and illustrator Alex Juhash. The babadook looks like an anthropomorphic creature with black circles under the eyes with a white iris, a huge mouth full of teeth, dressed in a black coat and hat.

It is a supernatural being that torments anyone who finds out about its existence. It is capable of causing poltergeist phenomena: doors open and close by themselves, foreign objects appear where they should not be (pieces of glass in food), sounds are heard without a visible source, someone pushes and even pulls a person.

The history of this spirit is as follows:

In one rather rich family in Anguilla there lived a boy whose name was Babadook. He was an excellent magician , some children and adults even considered him a magician .

But at one point strange things began to happen - the children began to return home crippled, and when they were asked what happened, they said that it was the babadook who forced them to walk on glass , beat them with sticks and threw stones. From that moment on, adults began to be wary of the boy and could even beat him, however, that's what they were doing. Even the babadook's parents began to join them. But it didn't get any better, even on the contrary, corpses of children began to be found on the playgrounds.

Now the whole town wanted the babadook killed. And one day the babadook 's father pulled himself together , went into the babadook 's room and began to strangle him . Babadook's last words were "But I just wanted to play,,.

But it didn 't end there , strange things began to happen in the house . Cabinets, doors began to open themselves, as well as objects that were put in one place suddenly turned out to be in another. And one day a terrible thing happened , the babadook 's father took a knife , cut all the family members and stabbed himself . The mother and father died on the spot and the sister died in the ambulance. She claimed it was a babadook because he came to her at night and talked to her in a strange gurgling voice.

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