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This section contains information about phenomena that are generally believed to have a supernatural, mystical nature, and the very existence of which is currently in doubt.Phenomena Hierarchy

Orang Bunian

Added Tue, 16/04/2019
anthropomorphic creature
sexual relations with the victim
sounds without visible sources
induces pregnancy
flying creature
the transition to another world
helps to find the lost thing
specifies the location of the treasure

On the Malaysian island of Borneo (located next to the Malay Peninsula) there are legends about people that are called the Hidden people, the people of the light, Whistling people or Bunian Orang (Orang Bunian), which translates as "People making sounds".

It is believed that this nation does not belong to our world. Most often, they present themselves ringing out in the jungle at an alarming whistles, shouts or singing. Describe them as ghostly pale and skinny creatures similar to people. They are very beautiful, their lips have no groove, and the ears pointed. They are dressed in traditional local clothes. They are endowed with supernatural powers such as teleportation, flight, mind reading. They can also become invisible to all. They live between our measurements.

Can be very hostile if someone invades their territory. Can kidnap people, but often help people find lost relatives or children, and may themselves fall in love with people and even to engage them in sexual relations. From this context, can even produce children, will cotribute to possess the gift of invisibility. Sometimes these beings can help in the search for treasures.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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