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Post-mortem changes

Because ordinary people are rarely familiar with the nuances of postmortem changes in organisms, it can often take them for something mystical.

Gray meat flies eat rotting tissue, leaving a sharp edge. This explains the "surgical" removal of organs and parts of the skin. However, such behaviors of the flies many take for the interference of aliens or attacked by unknown creatures.

The main signs of this injury:

  • the lack of eyes, udders and sexual organs cut with surgical precision;
  • the absence of lips and/or tongue (which looks to be cut "under the root");
  • the absence of one ear;
  • the lack of heart and other internal organs, often in the absence of visible incisions, through which they could be extracted; if the heart is missing, the pericardium is usually left in place;
  • the lack of skin in the area of the jaws and below the ears;
  • the presence of cuts on the animal's body, looking as if made by surgical instruments, with no traces of teeth/claws of predators;
  • in many cases, almost complete exsanguination of the animal's body; the remaining blood, as a rule, unusual colors, and does not clot for several days.

Then we present the natural factors which could cause one or more of the above injuries. So, taken or mutilated mouth, lips, anus and genitalia can be explained as follows:

  • reduction of missing/damaged areas due to dehydration.
  • the actions of the parasites that begin their influence in places where the skin is most thin.

Missing or mutilated eyes and soft internal organs are explained by the effects on the bodies of insects (flies) and of carrion birds (vultures).

The reason for the lack of blood can be the following:

  • after the death of the animal, the blood flows into the lowest point of the body where it is decomposed into basic organic components;
  • leaked or are in the wounds, the blood dries, penetrates the soil or is consumed by insects.

In some cases, when the carcass was found soon after his death, witnesses have said that the blood looked too thin, with the result that there was a version on the impact of introduced animal anticoagulant, but this effect can also be caused by postmortem changes.

"Surgical cuts" on the skin may be:

  • the marks on the skin resulting from post-mortem bloat and dehydration of the body;
  • gaps and damage caused by insects, birds or predators (and, possibly, exacerbated by post-mortem bloating of the carcass).


So, for example, the signs of vampirism was considered if the exhumed body looked as if alive, with half-inch nails or hair, was swollen like a drum, or attended the blood on the lips paired with a rosy face. However, the bodies swelled up due to the fact that the gases from the decomposition is collected in the torso and blood tries to leave the body. This gives the body "chubby", "fat" and "ruddy" look.

For the same reason from the rotting corpse you can see the blood flowing from his mouth and nose, which can create the impression that the corpse is a vampire who drank the blood of recently. If you drive in body count, the body can begin to bleed, and the accumulated gases begin to leave the body.

Of the body noise may be audible groan when the gases begin to pass by the vocal cords or a distinctive sound when gases will go out through the anus.

After death the skin and gums lose fluids and shrink, exposing the part of the hair, nails and teeth, even those that were hidden in the jaw. This creates the illusion that the hair, nails and teeth had grown.

The decomposition of the body begins to move and bend, adding to the illusion that the corpse was moving.

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