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Definition of geopathic zones by dowsing (experiment)

Statement of the problem

For those who don't know the nature of the problem articles on dowsing and the Hartmann net.

According to supporters of dowsing, using this method to find lost objects, water, cable breakage in the car, as well as places and objects that have adverse effects on the body and technology, using tools such as the frame or swingarm. The man in this case allegedly is a conductor of knowledge, and therefore without participation of the operator, this method does not work. To find the desired one, the operator needs to do is to determine for themselves how to respond should the frame or the pendulum in the search process.

In addition to determining the color of the suit of playing cards, we decided to check if you can find places that have adverse effects on the body, using the frame and swingarm. The purpose of the experiment is not an attempt to prove the presence or absence themselves geopathogenic zones (GPZ), but the positive result of the experiment will give a reason to do further research.

In the preparation and conduct of the experiment we proceeded from the following claims supporters of dowsing are:

  • regardless of the existence of a Hartman grid or the like, there are places on the Earth's surface, which adversely affect living organisms (humans, animals, plants, etc.), causing disease, developmental delays and even death - geopathic zones;
  • GPP can be in any place of the Earth;
  • GPZ is uniquely able to identify people with the relevant skills and a special sensitivity, but in extreme cases the diagnosis of the premises can be carried out independently with the help of certain methods.
  • GPP can be in a residential area, therefore they require careful verification on the part of spetsialistov on dowsing. They exist independently of the height of the floor of the room, but the location may vary depending on this height.

These provisions will be examined during this experiment.

The methodology of the experiment

Used equipment

The work of the biolocation operator is performed using a special frame. Usually it is made from wire (copper, iron, steel) with a diameter of 2-5 mm. the Size and shape of the framework are different, but the most common G - and P-shaped frames. Also known methods of dowsing with the use of the pendulum.

In the course of this experiment was tested both. In the first case, used, steel frame l-shaped wire with a diameter of 2.5 mm. In the second embodiment, as the pendulum used was plain silver ring without stones, and other panels attached to a thick filament length of about 40 cm, Such a method of manufacture of the pendulum recommended by experienced biolocatory for use in the home.

Also in the experiment were used:

  • mineral nutrient substrate;
  • seed mix (oats, rye, barley);
  • water;
  • plastic containers.

The experiment was conducted indoors 11х7 m, with uniform illumination and a humidity of 60% (optimal for most plants 50-70%).

Description of the experiment

In a plastic re-sealable container holds up to 7 grams of the nutrient substrate, 9 grams of a mixture of seeds and 7 grams of water.

Photograph numbered cans

The operator using the find places that have adverse effects on the body (where it is impossible to put the bed, Desk, etc.). The experimenter notes them on the map of the room (grid dividing the space step is 1 m).

Another operator finds places that have adverse effects on the body, with the help of the pendulum. The experimenter also noted them on the map of the room.

All the marked points are put jars of seeds. The remaining bottles are put in random locations, uniformly distributed in density (near found GPP).

One of the jars is placed in another room to control.

Then the room closes. Through the day performed the first inspection. Subsequent inspections carried out daily.

The experiment is considered complete after the first explicit shoots.

Evaluation of the results of the experiment

The results of the experiment can be considered positive if the jars that are installed in locations defined by dowsing, GPP, growth of the seed is significantly different from the growth of seeds, installed in arbitrary locations. This will mean that by dowsing, do you can find places that have a negative influence on living organisms.

Accordingly, the result of the experiment can be considered negative if the growth of the seeds in all the jars will be about the same, or different, regardless of their location in areas of suspected gas processing plant. This will mean that in the experiment with the help of dowsing has failed to clearly identify locations that have adverse effects on living organisms.

The results of the experiment

As a result of working with frame and ring turned the following location plan GPP:

As can be seen from the diagram, by means of a frame was detected 5 suspected GEA, with the help of the ring 3. The results never matched. 5 jars were placed randomly in the room at a short distance from the alleged gas processing plant. The last jar of seed (No. 14) was installed outside the premises for the purpose of indicating possible negative factors applicable to all of the room in General. In places arbitrary placement of jars GPP was not found either with the frame or with a ring.

Day 3 – seeds are too swollen, all the banks I noticed the first shoots and roots.

Day 5 – break the first sprouts. Banks had to open not to deform the shoots.

Day 6 – was added to 3 grams of water, as the shoots are beginning to dry up.

Day 7 – the experiment can be considered complete.


№№ 1, 2, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12 – the seeds germinated well, lots of healthy shoots, excessive moisture or mold is not detected.

No. 3, 8 – seeds germinated poorly, a significant amount of mold in the jar contains excess moisture

No. 4, 5, 13 – seeds are not sprouted, no excess moisture, no mold.

No. 14 seeds germinated poorly in the jar contains excess moisture, no mold.


The final photo

The results

Based on the results of the experiment it can be concluded that of the eight alleged GPP in four (i.e., half) of the seeds germinated poorly, and the two did not germinate at all. In the remaining four alleged GPZ seeds sprouted perfectly fine.

In this case, from the six places in which GPP was not found, the seeds germinated poorly in two, and one of them is outside the room. In other places seeds are normally sprouted.

Thus, of the 14 locations of the bad seeds they sprouted in 6. Of them in the foreseeable GPP were 4, 2 – places, in which GPP was not found. On the other hand, 8 bottles with the seeds showed normal germination, with 4 of them located in GPP was found.

From this we can conclude that the relationship between the growth of seeds and location them in the GPZ, detected by dowsing, is missing. Thus, the result of the experiment can be considered negative.

Interestingly, seeds that germinate poorly, grouped in two locations inside the building. Given the results of the experiment, to speak about the presence in those areas the GEA for no reason. In order to ensure that it is not a coincidence, it is necessary to conduct repeated experiments with the placement of the seed in these places.

Probably the experience readers will disagree with the results of this experiment. Please describe your observations, give constructive comments and suggestions in the comments. Also write your suggestions about this or other experiments. Comments without merit will be ignored.

Members of the group Express their gratitude to Vladimir and Inga Viktorovna.

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