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Geopathic zones and grids (Hartmann, Curry, etc.)

This article analyzes the phenomenon of so-called geopathogenic zones of magnetic anomalies (or some other) field of the Earth, which have a negative impact on health and the human condition located in them for a long time. These anomalies are closely associated with this notion, as the earth's energy grid (Curry (curry, Kyurri), Hartmann, Wittmann).

The Hartmann net is the most famous of "available" networks, girdling the Earth, a network of Wittmann and Curry is less well known.

Network Hartman (also referred to as line Hartman, coordinate network, eng. Hartmann grid), in line with the hypothesis put forward by German scientist Ernst Hartmann in 1950, entangles almost the entire surface of the Earth, the size of the "cells" of the network (2.0 x 2.5 m) decreases as the distance from the equator and approach the poles. The nodes of the network according to this hypothesis, the form is unfavorable for living organisms geopathic zones, which are fairly easily detected by dowsing method. Network Hartman is also called the "grid network" in connection with the exact orientation of the geomagnetic Meridian and the geomagnetic parallel.[1]

The global coordinate rectangular grid E. Hartman and diagonal mesh M. Curry.[4]


The lines of force of the Earth. The Hartman grid and Curry [5]

It is believed that all geopathic global networks are a volumetric three-dimensional structure, which in projection on a plane look like more or less correctly about how cells in the notebook. Of the line of intersection is called geopathic lines. Locations their intersections are called geopathic zones. In three dimensions geopathic zones appear as columns-columns with an average diameter of 20-30 cm [12]

History of the study of geopathic zones

Geopathic zones were first discovered and described in 1950 by the German physician Ernst Hartmann (1915-1992, Biokhimicheski Institute, Munich, Germany) and was called "the Hartman Grid". The result of many studies, Dr. Hartman became the 600-page report, which describes the influence of geopathic zones on the development of cancer in patients. In his work Dr. Hartman calls cancer a "disease of the location." He notes that geopathic zones inhibit the immune system, thereby reducing the body's resistance to various diseases or infections. 1960 he published a book of Dr. Hartman's "Illness as a problem of location".

One of the first issue of geopathic places of the Earth is interested in the German scientist Gustav von Paul, who published the results of their work in a prestigious medical journal on the study of cancer. Analyzing his observations, made in Bavaria, von Pohl came to the conclusion that 58 people died from cancer, was that their beds were in geopathogenic zones.

In 1950 Dr. Manfred Curry came to the conclusion that the terrestrial radiation plays a significant role in cancer development.

In 1960, Dr. Dieter Aschoff systematically warn their patients that they with the help of specialists of biolocation were checking locations where they spend the most time, the presence of the negative influence of the earth. In 1973 he published a book under the title "Can mainstream science to reject the theory on the origin of cancer as a result of geopathic influence?".

In 1970 oncologists from Vienna Professor Nothnagel and Hohert, in collaboration with a German colleague - Professor Sauerbaum, asked his patients to move to another house or apartment after undergoing surgery to remove cancer cells. They believed that the geopathic influence can contribute to the revival of cancer.

In 1977, Dr. Kasyanov surveyed 400 people, who for a long time were under the influence of geopathogenic zones. The result of the study showed that geopathic influence on human health are always negative.

In 1986, Irji Averman from Poland surveyed 1,280 people who sleep in geopathic zones. Every fifth of them slept on the crossing of geopathic lines. They all became ill within 2 – 5 years. 57% had sick lungs diseases, 33% were sick more serious diseases and 10% of the diseases that led to death.

In 1989, Austrian Professor of medicine, Otto Bergman, conducting research in his clinic, found that the geopathogenic zones influence the reduction of neurotransmitters and in particular serotonin.

In 1990, Professor Otto Berman, and Professor of physics Hugo has Hubset experiment was carried out on 985 people. Half the people were asked to spend 15 minutes in the geopathogenic zones, the other half of the people are not under bad influence. Scientists have tried to install, does geopathic zones on the biological functions of the body. Conclusion research showed that of the 24 biological functions observed by the scientists, changes occurred in 17 features, among them, such as: changes in blood pressure, heart rate, shortness of breath, disturbance of blood circulation.

In 1990, Professor Enid Work investigated patients with cancer. He has found that only 5% of them have no connection with geopathic influence.

In 1995 Dr. Ralph Gordon, an oncologist from England, noted that, according to his research, 90% of cases of lung cancer, breast cancer have found a link between diseases and being in geopathogenic zones.

In 1998, Dr. Preussler (England) wrote: "I fully support the statement that the location is a major factor in the development of cancer and other diseases".

In 2006, Dr. Ilya Lubenskiy, for many years engaged in the identification of manifestations of geopathic stress in the early stages of development, first introduced the concept of "geopathic syndrome". Numerous studies and experiences have allowed Dr. Pyryatyn first introduce the classification of geopathic stress and to describe its clinical manifestations at different stages. Dr. Lubensky also developed a system of rehabilitation of people exposed to geopathic influences. [3]

The distinctive characteristics of famous geopathic grids

Network E. Hartman (G-network)

Also called "coordinate" in connection with the exact orientation of the geomagnetic Meridian and the geomagnetic parallel. Rectangular, represents the number of alternating parallel strips (walls), a width of about 20 cm (19 to 27 cm). The emission bands is not uniform is composed of a primary part with a width of 2-3 cm with prominent electromagnetic properties, and the secondary formed by the radiation fields of active radicals of gas molecules covering the primary part in the form of a kind of "fur." It is suggested that this layer "coat" is formed by the interaction of space, atmospheric and geophysical processes. Each cell of the Hartman grid is represented by two bands - shorter (from 2.1 to 1.8 m, averaging 2 metres) aimed at North-South, and the longer (2.25-2.6 m, averaging 2.5 m), aimed at East-West. Width geopathic lines 10-12 cm

Network M. Curry (D-network)

Diagonal, formed by parallel strips (walls) directed from southwest to northeast and perpendicular to this direction from the North-West to South-East, crossing diagonally to the rectangular grid Hartman. There are several orders of strips of a diagonal mesh. Every 14 parallel thin strips of the first order, of a width of a few cm, is the 15th band of the second order, a width of about 30 cm. This alternation continues at other levels, so that after 14 lines of the second order is the 15th band of the third order, of a width of about 1 m after 14 bars of the third order the band passes of the fourth order, a width of about 3 m and Thus, the cells are formed of strips of the first order, size 4-6 x 4-6 m; the second order of 90 x 90 m, and the third 1250 x 1250 m fourth - 17500 x 17500 m, etc. On the intersection of the strips formed the nodes of Curry or D-zone, has a strong geopathogenic effects. When assessing geopathic effect are taken into account only strips, starting from the second order, that is, a width of 30 cm and more.

Network Z. Wittmann

The cell size is 16 x 16 m.

Network F. Peiro

The cell size is 4 x 4 m. [2]

Detection of geopathic zones

The main problem of detection of geopathogenic zones is that their nature to the end not clear to anyone.

There are several hypotheses:

  • Hypothesis A. Yu. Babikov, which is that the Hartmann net is the interference pattern on the inside of the sphere of the Earth's crust, which gives the net "standing" waves viconago (bioinformatic) radiation. Is only detected by dowsing. [6]
  • Hypotheses explaining the origin of geopathogenic zones as a result of interaction of torsion fields. [7]
  • Hypotheses explaining the origin of geopathogenic zones influence of electro-static field. [8]
  • Hypotheses representing geopathic zones as the result of interference of electromagnetic fields [9]
  • Geopathogenic zone is formed deep cracks in crystalline rocks, or, in other words, tectonic disturbances. In zones of tectonic faults, the rocks are characterized by high disturbance, and consequently through them are of deep gases and vapours of heavy metals. In accordance with a specially undertaken studies (Melnikov E. K., etc.) these areas have a negative impact on human health (increased morbidity, depression). To avoid the influence of such a zone can only be coming out of it. [13]
  • In addition, also mention the name of some "earth rays" (emanations of the earth) that exist over the underground water flows. While it is not clear how they are formed. Some scientists believe that they represent a secondary radiation caused by cosmic rays that are reflected from the groundwater; the other - that is a consequence of radiation propagation, which is formed in the bowels of the earth, then becomes concentrated and goes upstairs underground water flows. [11] it is believed that this version can not mention in the list of hypotheses, because (for unknown reasons) should be distinguished geopathic zones associated with water "wires", from geopathic zones associated with the networks of Hartman, Curry and Wittmann.

Regardless of the nature and causes of geopathic zones, it is considered that to date have not created any device that is able to register them. At the same geopathic zone detected special dowsing framework, which when approaching the area begin to cross, and at the exit take the initial position.[3]

Sometimes due to a problem of search of geopathogenic zones mention the device IGA-1. According to the official description, the IGA-1 is developed by Ufa engineer Yu. p. Kravchenko, indicative appliance, which is a highly sensitive (from units to hundreds of PV) selective measuring of the electromagnetic field. It is designed to measure the electromagnetic component of a geomagnetic field of the Earth in the range of 5-10 kHz. In an input device used by the integral of phase shift on the analyzed frequency. And it is interesting to note that the strongest network of geopathogenic radiations (Hartman, Curry, etc.) are recorded by the device IGA-1 on the top floors of buildings that are powered with electricity, and the weakest readings - on the first floor, even weaker in a wooden house, especially if it is a power outage. [10].

The scientific refutation

The description and attempts to explain the phenomenon of geopathogenic zones and lines linked to a set of scientific inconsistencies.

1. A method of detecting geopathic zones.

As mentioned above, "today, the world has not yet created any device that would register geopathic zones", which in itself is contrary to the principle of verification, according to which any proposition must be verifiable through some kind of standard way to be accepted as scientific. The only way to search for geopathic zones is dowsing, which is on the website in a separate article, according to the findings which to trust the results of dowsing is possible only in the case when they can clearly test other ways. So, when searching for minerals or missing people, the result is obvious: the object of the search or found, or not. When you search for geopathic zones the same way to confirm or disprove the words of the operator not. In fact, we have to trust the person with the frame on the floor. It is quite possible that it is not objective – as stated in the same article, in these cases, the operator draws frame the answer within yourself, and if he knows in advance what one must find what he can find. I.e. if the operator is educated in the subject of the search (whether the line of Hartmann or geopathic zones) and knows that every few metres must locate geopathic zones, that he can find regardless of whether they exist actually or not.

The only technical device referred to in connection with the geopathogenic zones, is of YOKE-1. However, his description is too meager in order to understand the principle of operation of the device, and generates more questions than it answers. What is the selectivity of the device and what are her characteristics? Measures whether it is electric or the magnetic component of the field? Why these measurements are in the range of 5-10 kHz? The integral of the phase shift of what and relative to what is used for measurements, and what information he can give about the measurand? What is the accuracy of the measurements? To these questions no answers. The device also is not measurement in the accepted sense of the word: it is not included in the state register of measuring its characteristics not supported by certificates.

Provides information about the results of measurements using the IGA-1 is easily explained. If this device actually measures the level of electromagnetic field, it is quite clear why his evidence is stronger when a building powered electricity – obviously, the YOKE 1 should respond to radiation connected and working appliances. In a high rise building such devices a lot, and that the testimony of the IGA-1 is the strongest. On the upper floors, testimony stronger, as most powerful plants that emit a strong electromagnetic field (e.g., electric motors, elevators, ventilation or air conditioning), are installed on the technical floor or on the roof of buildings. In wooden house number of appliances and their power is less, so the readings are less. If the house is not powered by electricity, the device picks up only background radiation coming from distant sources, and in this case fixes the minimum readings.

Thus, apparently, the readings of the IGA-1 are determined by the ambient electromagnetic environment and do not allow to draw conclusions about the presence or absence at a given point of geopathogenic zones.

2. Medical experiments

The list of scientists who conducted research in the area of influence of geopathic zones on the human body long enough. However, in all such experiments remains an unsolved question raised in the previous paragraph: how is determined the presence of geopathic zones affect the subjects? If it was used for dowsing (as already mentioned, other methods exist), then talk about the scientific rigor of these experiments is impossible, as to make them evidence-based conclusions about the impact of geopathic zones on the human body. Moreover, until the strictly scientific method of determining the presence of geopathic zones, it is impossible even to speak of the possibility of such an experiment.

3. Hypotheses about the causes of geopathic zones

Almost all hypotheses on the causes of geopathic zones, talking about the interaction of certain fields (betonnij, torsion, electromagnetic and electrostatic). Such unanimity of researchers has a number of reasons:

  • as known fields, geopathogenic zones cannot directly be felt by man, their existence is determined solely on the effects on the surrounding objects;
  • in field theory uses the terms "power line", "electric lines", "lines of magnetic induction," which suggests associations with the lines of Hartmann, Curry, etc.

Field theory very difficult to study and understand it, requires a knowledge of higher mathematics, which gives the opportunity to build a large number of reasoning, to deny that is hard enough. However, there are General principles which can be used to draw conclusions about the viability of a theory.

In particular, it is possible to reject theories based on the concept of torsion and betonnykh fields, such as is not scientifically proved. At this point in physics we only know 4 types of interactions: strong, weak, gravitational and electromagnetic. Strong and weak at the same time acting on the micro-level and the connection between the elementary particles and their components. Gravitational interactions, on the contrary, become visible at the macro level is the interaction between the bodies with a very large mass. Electromagnetic interference associated with charged bodies and elementary particles. All phenomena, observed in physics at the moment, can be explained by one of these interactions or their combination. Thus, the very existence of torsion fields and betonnykh at the moment is not confirmed, and hypotheses based on them is impossible.

On the other hand, the concept of "force lines", as used in field theory is only a scientific abstraction used to further describe properties of the field. For example, according to the definition, the lines of magnetic induction line, tangent to which is directed the same as the magnetic induction vector at a given point of the field. Through each point of a magnetic field to draw the line induction. Portraying the lines of induction, it is possible to visualize how changes in the space of induction, and hence the magnetic field in magnitude and direction. The same applies to other used in the theory of field lines of force:

  • they can be done through any point of the field;
  • they need to visualize the properties of the field at a given point.

Ie there is a significant difference with the lines of Hartmann, Curry, etc., which take place only in certain regions of space and have specific physical dimensions (thickness, height, diameter, etc.). The same field, such characteristics can not have, because it is by definition infinite and only changes its intensity depending on the distance from the source.

There are also so-called contour - lines at each point where the value characterizing the field retains the same value. Line Hartman could be a contour of the electromagnetic field, which, in turn, result in interference (overlapping) of all existing on the Earth of the fields, if not one circumstance: according to the description, the Hartmann net is static and only changes very slowly. And the electromagnetic pattern on the Earth is changing constantly and randomly under the influence of millions of factors from cosmic radiation and ending with the switch on and off electrical appliances created by man. Thus, the interference pattern from the interaction of these fields will also be permanently and randomly subject to change and can not survive long time in the form of a fairly regular grid.

4. Philosophical aspect

In the previous section was addressed by linking together all the ideas about geopathogenic zones and related rather to the field of philosophy of science.

The fact that nature abhors perfect symmetry. There is no natural objects in an absolutely correct form. The earth is not a perfect globe, of the planet does not revolve around the Sun in perfect circles, even the facial features of the man of steel. In fact, all objects with the correct shape on the Earth have the same origins. It is human nature to try to organize everything around him, this allows to simplify the reality, which in turn makes it easier to understand and to describe, to Express in mathematical formulas of finite length.

For example, the magnetic field of the Earth is often idealized idea of the symmetrical lines of force extending from the South pole to the North (figure) [14].

In reality, however, this field is distorted by the influence of powerful radiation coming primarily from the sun [14]:

One of the best examples brought by the supporters of the ideas of natural symmetry is the crystal (or crystalline atomic lattice). However, keep in mind that unlike real crystals from the ideal is the fact that real crystals do not have the correct crystal lattice, and have a number of irregularities in the arrangement of atoms, called defects. To the same atomic lattices such concepts to apply and totally incorrect, since according to the Heisenberg's uncertainty principle in microcosm the position of an elementary particle, the magnitude of the probability, and say that the atoms are in the crystal lattice, forming a proper structure, it is impossible.

Thus, the continued existence of such a geometrically correct and regular natural structures, as the Hartman grid, Curry, etc., seems highly unlikely.


From the information above we can draw the following conclusions:

  1. There are no reliable methods of determining geopathic zones.
  2. There are no scientific experiments proving the influence of geopathic zones on the human body. Moreover, because section 1 of such experiments at the moment can not be carried out.
  3. There is no hypothesis explaining the possibility of geopathic zones on the basis of scientific concepts.
  4. The possibility of continued existence of such a geometrically correct and regular natural structures, as the Hartman grid, Curry, etc., seems highly unlikely.

Based on this, we can conclude that networks of Hartman, Curry etc. do not exist.

This, however, does not mean that on Earth there are places that have a negative impact on the human condition. Just this effect explains the long-known factors such as radiation, toxins, environment temperature, etc.

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