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Дес-Плейнс, IL
United States

Several American highway drivers are so often seen at night a strange overgrown humanoid creature that it is not fit to be nicknamed the "Road Troll." About these strange places was written by the American researcher Jerry D. Coleman in his book "Exploring the dark side of America. Strange highways: a Guidebook to American mysteries and riddles" ("Exploring the Darker Side of America... Strange Highways: A guidebook to American mysteries & The Unexplained"), published in 2003 and released in 2006, "more strange roads" ("More Strange Highways").

In 1983, Coleman has interviewed a woman named barb from the city of des Plaines, Illinois. She told about his meeting with the overgrown savage. According to barb, she recently travelled by car to his sister and then with her sister they went to a major shopping Mall that was near highway I-20 and I-59 on Green Pond. They planned to go shopping three hours. But when they came to the Parking lot near the center, they saw by the roadside a tall man in dirty and torn clothes, as if he some time was dragged on a rope behind the car. He had long matted hair, beard and a wooden leg.

"The man or whatever it was stood and very carefully looked at us. It kind of somehow much we shook and scared. So much so that we decided not to go to the center, but only went into a small coffee and then sat there, discussing this man."

Later barb was able to describe his feelings, like a premonition of something terrible, like a premonition of great disaster. And so it happened. When she returned home, she learned that her sister's son shortly after their trip to the center fell out of a tree and very badly broke her leg, so the bone shards sticking out, and had profuse bleeding.

Sister came back from the center almost to that point, and she managed to take the boy to the hospital and it probably saved his life. But what if they went downtown as planned for about three hours and, therefore, returned to much later? What would become of the child? Barb thought a lot about this situation. Is it possible that the savage sensed trouble and deliberately intimidated them to the sister to return home soon?

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