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11.05.2019 01:02
гостиница «Пингвин»
Leningradskaya oblast

In the village of Gorelovo in the "Penguin" in the night from 14 to may 15 this year, the witnesses managed to film the UFO.

Inexplicable events occurred in St. Petersburg, namely in the village of Gorelovo Krasnosel'skii district, the people witnessed an unidentified flying object. The incident was filmed on video. The strangest thing about all this is that the silhouette of the oval-shaped UFO was visible only when you point the camera. The unusual phenomenon lasted for hours.
However, many users viewed the video on the Internet is very skeptical about this.

To clearly say what was in the lens of the camera eyewitness, you can't. But this clearly has to be some logical explanation. It often happens that such kind of pictures or videos are obtained at the expense attached to the lens of dust, but does not exclude the fact of residence of the supernatural and UFOs. This effect can also be obtained as a result of refraction of light rays.

Therefore local residents should not panic and is preparing to attack humanoids. Maybe it's another joke beginner bloggers who are trying to attract special attention and interest to their channels in social networks and to cheat more hits.

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Based on the nature of movements of the object, it's some kind of small insect, which is outside of the focus of the camera and illuminated by IR led.

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