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13 Ghosts


Added Mon, 02/05/2022
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13 Ghosts

"13 Ghosts" (English: "13 Ghosts") is an American horror film released in 1960.

It's interesting 

The film "13 Ghosts" (English "13 Ghosts", 1960) is black and white, but the ghost scenes were shot in a special way: a blue filter was applied to the actors and elements of the scenery - to everything except ghosts, and a red filter was applied to the "ghosts", while the images of ghosts were superimposed over the frame. When watching in the cinema in scenes with ghosts, it was necessary to wear special glasses. Unlike the early 3D glasses, which had one eye red and the other blue or blue, the Illusion-O device assumed that viewers would look through the same color with both eyes. Viewing through a red filter enhanced the images of ghosts, and the blue filter "removed" them from the film.

Poor paleontologist Cyrus Zorba inherits an old mansion from his uncle. At the same time, the will states that if the scientist and his family do not live here, he will lose ownership of the house. You can't sell the house either. Cyrus, his wife Hilda, daughter Medea and son Buck move into the mansion, and very soon it turns out that the house is full of ghosts.

It turns out that the former owner of the house – occultist scientist Plato Zorba - invented a device that allows you to see ghosts, which gives some power over them. In the end, the researcher managed to collect 11 ghosts, and he himself became the twelfth. In addition to everything, it turns out that a large amount of money is hidden in the house. In order to understand where Dr. Zorba's savings are, the family members decide to hold a seance using the maid Elaine as a medium. During the session, the participants will learn that another person will be killed that night.

Meanwhile, lawyer Ben Rush, with the help of Buck, finds money hidden in the house. He decides to kill the boy and take the money for himself, but the ghost of Dr. Zorb suddenly appears and kills the lawyer. It turns out that Ben also killed the former owner of the mansion.

The paleontologist's family finds 100 thousand dollars and stays in the mansion with the ghosts.

Phenomena in artwork: Poltergeist

As manifestations of the poltergeist, the film shows an unexpected wind in the rooms, spontaneously moving and flying objects, candles and books being lit, sounds and voices coming from an unknown source, as well as a sudden drop in temperature in the room, from which flowers in a vase wither.

At least some of these phenomena are caused by ghosts living in an old mansion.

Phenomena in artwork: Fire Poltergeist

Ghosts become the cause of a fiery poltergeist in an old mansion: candles spontaneously light up and go out, and the number "13" burns on the cover of the book. At the same time, the fire on the book is ghostly, i.e. it is visible only with the help of special glasses. After an attack by ghosts, a burn in the form of the number "13" appears on the hand of one of the characters.

Phenomena in artwork: The mystical fog

A mystical fog accompanies the appearance of ghosts in an old mansion.

Phenomena in artwork: Ghost

Ghosts live in an old mansion. They appeared there as a result of the actions of the previous owner of the house, a scientist who studied and collected ghosts. There are a total of thirteen ghosts in the house. In addition to the ghost of the former owner, we are shown a couple in love, a killer cook, a hangman, a headless trainer, his lion and a fiery wheel. According to the scientist, ghosts live in our world, because they have unfinished business after death.

Ghosts are not material, but they can interact with surrounding objects, causing poltergeist phenomena. Interestingly, the ghostly lion sits in a material cage and comes out of it only when the cage door is opened. The ghost of the former owner holds his killer until he suffocates in a special device – and then turns into a ghost himself.

During a seance, the ghost of the former owner of the mansion takes possession of one of the characters in the film and warns in a voice from the grave that someone will die at night.

Usually ghosts are not visible to the naked eye, they can be seen with the help of special glasses invented by the scientist who collected the collection. At the same time, the ghost of the scientist himself is visible to everyone. The appearance of at least one of the ghosts is accompanied by a mystical fog.

The ghosts initially seem evil, but at the end of the film it turns out that they are protecting the new owners of the mansion from the man who killed the previous owner.

Phenomena in artwork: Witchcraft

Probably, the housekeeper of the house, whom some characters call a witch, has witchcraft abilities. There is no direct evidence for this statement, however, she is well aware of the ghosts living in the house, and at the end of the film, probably by the power of thought, destroys the glasses with which the ghosts are visible.

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