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Spadla z oblakov


Added Sun, 01/09/2019
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Original title
Spadla z oblakov

"Adventures on Vacation" (Slovak: "Spadla z oblakov", literally - "Fallen from the Clouds") is a Czechoslovak multi-part television children's film made in 1978-1980 based on the book by Czech writer, journalist and author of television scripts Vaclav Borovichka "Spadla z nebe" (She fell from the sky), published by in 1967.

The film has been dubbed into many languages and has been shown many times in various countries. The series gained the greatest popularity in the countries of the socialist camp. In some cases (for example, in Russian translation), the title of the film was completely changed during localization:

  • Slovak (original) – "Spadla z oblakov" ("Fallen from the clouds"), based on the book "Spadla z nebe" ("Fallen from the sky");
  • Russian - "Adventures on vacation";
  • German - "Sie kam aus dem All" ("She came from outer space");
  • English – "She Came Out of the Blue Sky" ("She came from the blue sky");
  • Polish - "Majka z Kosmosu" ("Mike from outer space");
  • Norwegian (nynorsk) – "Majka - jenta frå verdsrommet" ("Majka is a girl from outer space");
  • Vietnamese – "Maika - Côte Bé từ Trên TrờI RơI XuốNg" ("Maika is a little girl who fell from the sky");
  • Hungarian – "Csillagok küldötte" ("The Starry Messenger");
  • Bulgarian – "Padnala from oblacite" ("Fell from the clouds");
  • Spanish – "Mayka, La Niña del Espacio ("Mayka, baby from outer space");
  • Mongolian – "Oddyn ohin" ("Star girl").

There are 13 episodes in the series:

  1. "Phenomenon" ("Zjavenie").
  2. "Flying machine" ("Lietač").
  3. "Wedding dress" ("Svadobné šaty").
  4. "Raid" ("Prepad").
  5. "Banquet" ("Banquet").
  6. "Papa will settle everything" ("Otec to zariadi").
  7. "Secretary" ("Tajomník").
  8. "The mysterious foreigner" ("Záhadný cudzinec").
  9. "Operation Dandelion" ("Operácia Púpava").
  10. "Walking on a rocket" ("Výlet raketou").
  11. "Abduction" ("Únos").
  12. "In the dash" ("Strelnica").
  13. "Farewell" ("Rozlúčka").

The series premiered on Soviet television in June 1984. At the same time, 4 "full-length" films were made for broadcast on the territory of the USSR out of 13 episodes.

The ending of the series differs from the plot of the original book, which ended on a sad note: Mike does not fly home, but dies from depletion of energy reserves in the stabilizer.

In the series there is a reference to the urban legend of the "Men in Black", who are often associated with the appearance of aliens. So, a representative of a secret organization plotting to kidnap Mikey is dressed all in black, is well aware of the aliens and is equipped with technical devices whose characteristics clearly exceed those publicly available.

It's interesting 

In the Czechoslovak multi-part television children's film "Adventures on Vacation" (Slovak.  "Spadla z oblakov", literally – "Fallen from the clouds", 1978) there is a reference to the urban legend of the "Men in Black", who are often associated with the appearance of aliens. So, a representative of a secret organization plotting to kidnap Mikey is dressed all in black, is well aware of the aliens and is equipped with technical devices whose characteristics clearly exceed those publicly available.

A group of guys from the Slovak town of Chabovec are playing at an old abandoned quarry. They are fond of space and really want to launch a rocket into space, so they call the place of their games "cosmolomnia". They are "at war" with the youngsters who are raising a rabbit for the exhibition: The "cosmonauts" want to launch it into space (by analogy with the first cosmonaut dogs). One summer day, when the guys decide to spend the night in the quarry's gatehouse, a fantastic glow lights up over the city, and a mechanical voice repeats the word "Felix" in local broadcasts. The series also mentions that on this day, the Palomar Observatory noticed a small object moving towards the Earth at great speed.

In the quarry, the boys find a flying baby girl who explains that she is an alien. She can speak the correct Slovak language using the language module built into the belt. The girl says that she arrived on Earth from the distant planet Gurun with the help of Felix's "system". The boys give her the name Mike after the name of the star system from which she came. They explain to her various basic concepts from life on Earth, Mike in response tries to teach them to fly, surprised that they themselves can't, "because it's easier than walking." Carl, who was the first to find an alien, wants to ask his grandmother for some human clothes for her. Grandma doesn't believe them and drives them away. Then the boys themselves find clothes in the attic (an old wedding dress of Karl's grandmother) and alter it for their new girlfriend.

First, the boys show the Shirt to their friends, the spacemen, then to the youngsters, with whom they decide not to be at enmity anymore, and then to adults. They put her up in the best hotel in Chabovets, arrange meetings and press conferences, but she still likes to play with the boys in the "space mine", entertaining them with flights. After these exhausting games, as well as the use of a "matter replicator" during a press conference, Mike suddenly becomes weak and says that the "stabilizer" in her belt should be replaced. Karl, the boy with whom she is most closely connected, helps her get to a clearing in the forest, where a strip of scorched earth indicates the place of her landing. Warned by Mike, the boy hides behind a rock from the blinding pulsating light: "Felix" passes Mike a new "stabilizer".

Despite the fact that the appearance of an alien does not cause a noticeable stir among the world community, a certain foreign spy organization shows interest in her and tries to kidnap her. Mike sees this as an opportunity to learn more about Earth culture. However, as soon as the kidnappers put her in their helicopter and try to take her out of the country, she uses her abilities to return everyone to the take-off point, where police officers are already waiting for foreign agents.

Thanks to Mikey's abilities to fly and lift objects, the guys travel to Bratislava and Prague, but this drains the "stabilizer" from which the alien draws energy. Mike becomes so weak that he cannot send a message to the Felix system about the need to replace the stabilizer. The boys are jointly trying to help her: an amateur radio lunar Rover is trying to contact "Felix", while Carl, with the help of friends, takes Mike to the landing site.

The intense pulsing light descends on the forest again, and Carl, realizing that this is goodbye, says that he loves Mike. She cries in response and promises to definitely return to him and the rest of her friends.

Phenomena in artwork: The Alien

Alien is like a small (7-10 years) the girl. According to her, she flew from the planet Gurun (the"second epicenter postseconday of pregalactic Mike"). To meet her you guys call it Mike because it's called "pregalactic" like Slovenian female name.

At the first meeting Mike looks unusual: her hair and skin cast metal shade, and the head of the sparks. Her gait is a bit "wooden" and more suitable to the robot, as it does not bend at the knees (perhaps this is because she is used to flying, not walking). She speaks slowly and abruptly, in a voice lacking emotion. In the plot, all these signs of alien origin are gradually disappearing, and Mike becomes indistinguishable from ordinary earth girl.

Directly in the series does not say this, but it is likely that Micah is a robot or cyborg: she's not eating, not sleeping, at first, feels no pain and has no emotions. The energy she gets from the battery, which he calls the "stabilizer" and without which you may perish. According to Mikey, she (and no one on her home planet) has no family. The alien is able to see and identify approaching people. Eye Mike is able to transform the received image into a TV signal and pass it to "system of Felix" (and this signal is well-accepted Soviet television receivers). In addition to television, an alien transmits some radio signal (probably just ground), delengua which can identify the location. Mike is able to fly and levitate people and objects (from rags to trucks and helicopters). The flight is a lot of energy "stabilizer", which results in premature discharge.

Aliens have much more advanced (compared to humans) technology. In the zone Jerseys in addition to "stabilizer" built-in cassette with automatic translators, and data about the Earth's history, during which its civilization has received, analyzing the earth's radio transmissions. When activated, the cassette data is immediately passed to the brain girls.

According to Mikey, on Gurune nobody works, and all necessary is produced by the materialization of using the "automatic reproducer". (Controversial concept because under this approach, the development of civilization should stop, as to produce something new in this way is impossible).

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: UFO

The ship, which arrives Mike, the series does not show (perhaps it doesn't exist, and the aliens use some other method of transfer of matter). At the time of its landing, the inhabitants of the town of Cabover see only a very bright glow. Similarly, during both contacts with "Felix" earthlings see only a bright pulsating light, accompanied by strong wind. Mike warns that this light can hurt people and even burn it if that time does not hide.

All demonstrated in the series of flying objects, which can be mistaken for a UFO are the result of activities of t-Shirts, entertaining their friends flying.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Circles on the field and other formations

Circle on the field can be considered as the spot of scorched grass at the landing site, t-Shirts and her contacts with "Felix".

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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