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Close Encounters of the Third Kind


Added Sat, 24/03/2018
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Close Encounters of the Third Kind

"Close encounters of the third kind" (Close Encounters of the Third Kind) is an American science fiction film of 1977 directed by Steven Spielberg. The story is based on people meeting with an alien civilization, that the classification of D. A. Heineken is called a CE-III or "contact of the third kind". This fact gave the name to the film.

Interestingly, the original alien ship was supposed to be a huge and dark object, but during filming in India, Spielberg was mesmerized by the sight of a brightly lit night-time refinery, changed his plans, and UFOs began glowing.

The film reflects the views and expectations of people at that time about UFOs and aliens. It contains all the classical representation of the contacts and contactees: bright beams from the alien ship, affecting electrical devices, possession of contactees and UFO witnesses. Some of them are waiting for a new meeting to make contact, and someone, like the man with the poster wants the aliens have ceased to bother them.

The inscription on the poster: "Stop and be friendly"

Thus, the film shows pretty good performance and the mood of the time, common people have towards aliens and flying saucers.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

The film begins in the fact that in the Mexican desert of Sonora find the squadron of the 19th training flight, disappeared in December 1945, without a crew. A local resident claims that on the night the sun came up and sang him a song.

In the Center of air traffic control in Indianapolis fixed the UFO, which establish visual contact flying close to the aircraft.

In the city of Muncie in us state of Indiana in the nursery with a sleeping baby berry includes all electric toys. Begin to work the appliances, and window strikes blinding light. Berry out of the house and wandering off. His mother Gillian Guiler trying to catch up with the child.

On the same night in the city electricity goes off. Went to fix the damage electrician Roy Neary meets a real UFO. The car, which rides swarm, falls under a powerful beam of light, after which sweep over the highway 4 luminous object and disappear over the horizon. The light turns on immediately after the UFO fly away.

In Mongolia, in the Gobi desert, among the Sands find long-lost in the Bermuda triangle ship "Cotopaxi" without a crew.

Child Gillian was abducted by aliens.

In the North Indian town of Dharamsala, the local population in our prayers constantly repeating five tone "divine" sounds, which, they claim, come from the sky. The same tone sequence (with frequency ratio 9:10:8:4:6) adopted by astronomers for "Goldstone Radio Telescope" from a distance of 7 light-seconds. After examination of the record it appears that it contains the earth's geographical position, located in Wyoming. This place becomes the point of intended Contact.

People who witnessed the UFO, you begin to see the image of a mountain. Roy Neary becomes obsessed with the vision and begins to build a scale model of the mountain in the middle of the living room. His wife leaves him, taking their children with them. Roy completes the mountain of his visions and finds out that it was the "devil's tower" - mountain, located in the heart of the alleged contact.

From the area (nearly 300 square miles) under the pretext of the danger of fatal infection, the military evacuated all local residents. While the military struggled to pretend that nothing unusual happens and no aliens do not exist.

The representative of the military shows a photo of a flying saucer that is thrown upward with an iron plate, taken by his son.

But the UFO witnesses feel that they should certainly get on this mountain. In spite of all prohibitions, the military cordon and pursuit, Roy and Jillian make their way to the mountain.

On the mountain there is contact earthlings with aliens. The humans and the aliens communicate via sound signals, reproducing the very first tonal sequence, and then making it difficult for her to transmit other messages. Then the aliens let the ship ever kidnapped people. Gillian takes the child and walks away, taking a few photos of the ship. Then, from out of the ship, the aliens themselves and choose a team of human volunteers to travel together. Favourites is Roy. He comes in a UFO, and the alien ship flies away.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: UFO

UFO in the film represent the alien ships. There are several types of UFOs: huge "mother" ship, a small "amphibious" ships the size of the average car, and a very small (possibly unmanned) vehicle-a drone similar to a bright red flying lantern.

UFO moving silently at a speed approximately corresponding to the vehicle speed. Everything shown in the movie the ships are equipped with a large number of lighting elements and glow like a Christmas tree. Case "parent" vehicle also has a huge number of protruding parts, in appearance resembling an antenna. The design of the ship is obviously created for the sake of entertainment and to the detriment of common sense. In the works of modern science fiction such ships never enter the planet's atmosphere, because of their aerodynamic properties leave much to be desired, and the weight is so great that a return to open space will require a huge amount of energy. "Mother" the ships are being built at once in space and used as a base for landing or reconnaissance vehicles.

The inner space of the ships in the movie is not displayed.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: The Alien

The film shows two kinds of aliens from outer space: the classic "grey" with a large head, big eyes and small body, and a strange creature with a small head and long limbs.

Aliens communicate with humans through sounds. Initially they give contactees sequence of five notes, which firmly falls in the mind. After establishing contact, this sequence is used to initiate the communication, but after some time the interaction with the ships of the aliens begins to occur with the use of more complex acoustic signals. Thus, it remains unclear the meaning of the original sequence nor the method by which it could be converted into a full-fledged language of communication.

The motives of the aliens remain unsolved. It is unclear why they abduct people all the time, why suddenly decided to return, why do they need another man, why not just steal, and not to make the whole contact.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Poltergeist

The phenomenon is similar to the classic poltergeist, the film is called impacts of alien ships on located in close proximity to the objects:

  • electrical devices spontaneously turn on or off, the toys begin to move by themselves, throws out food from the refrigerator;
  • stall the engine car, electric torches not included, objects near the car begin to shake and wobble;
  • the lights go out in a large area (around and around).

Interestingly, during contact with the aliens on the mountain, these phenomena are not manifested.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Chronorally

Manifestations of the phenomenon of honourability in the film associated with the return of aliens abducted earlier people and objects: aircraft Level 19 and ship Cotopaxi.

These cases were not invented by the writers. Both these disappearances associated with the Bermuda triangle:

Link 19 (Flight 19) is a flight of five torpedo bombers "Avenger", made on 5 December 1945, a training flight that ended with a loss under mysterious circumstances, all five cars and sent to their search and rescue seaplane PBM-5 Martin "Mariner". Due to the mysterious circumstances of the incident are often mentioned in connection with the phenomenon of the Bermuda triangle.

Cotopaxi , on the contrary, he did quite well-known way. 1 Dec 1925 ship "Cotopaxi", who a few days earlier went to Charleston, sent out a distress call, which reported that the ship was damaged during a tropical storm. On 31 December it was officially declared written off. Despite the last broadcast stating that the ship is about to sink its history is tightly connected with the legend of the Bermuda triangle.

In the film the aircraft was found in the Sonoran desert (Mexico), and the ship – in the Sands of Mongolia, i.e. at a considerable distance from the places of disappearance. At least the aircraft was returned to fully functional condition.

Also the phenomenon of chronorally can be attributed to the fact that people returned by the aliens, have the same age as in the time of the abduction.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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