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Added Wed, 05/10/2016
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Temporal anomaly of some of the most rare phenomena, but they are in the top five most discussed.

The time – conditional comparative measure of the movement (leakage) of physical and mental processes that are the condition of possibility of change.

From this definition follow two conclusions important for understanding the nature of time and temporal anomalies:

  1. Time is a measure of comparison, the speed (or duration) of occurrence of some phenomena (processes) with the speed of course other. Thus, time is always relative: the speed of any process is always defined in comparison with the flow rate to a reference process. Time does not affect our senses you see, hear, touch, and hence cannot be measured directly. Moreover, the standards of time also until recently was inaccessible to most people: an atomic clock somewhere, and wrist can malfunction and show the wrong time. People are used to the subjectivity of time and don't trust your own feelings a little more than not trusted wrist watch. With the development of the Internet and mobile devices, providing the ability to periodically synchronize (lock) hours with the standard, the relativity of time is greatly reduced, but still not used to it.
  2. Time is the condition of possibility of change. All processes in the Universe happen in time. If it were not time, the universe would have remained in the same condition in which it originated. If time suddenly disappeared, we would simply not noticed – all processes in the Universe would stop and we would not be able to understand what happened, because thinking is also a process and it happens in time.

There are a number of facts, telling about the various anomalies of the current time. Conditionally they can be divided into three types:

  1. time travel;
  2. speed change its flow until it stops;
  3. messages from another time.

Time travel

As travel into the past or the future here refers to the movement at a considerable temporal distance, as any man moving forward along the arrow of time, not making any effort to do so. This category included facts describing:

  • time travel people from the present;
  • guests from another time at present.

Facts in this category are mostly kind of story without reinforcement material evidence.

This category includes the bulk of facts. As example the following case:

I walked across the field home. It was getting dark already – from work went. I see on the road is someone. I looked closer – some woman are not local, and dressed strangely, as the king was dressed again. Tells me something unintelligible. Like moving his lips and no sound. He wanted to approach, to ask again Yes and she happened to get lost. At first I thought the grass roadside leaped. Looked even, and she vanished.

Ivan G. K. (Voronezh oblast)

Change the speed of the flow of time

This category of facts is often associated with different geographic coordinates or objects. As example is the "prodigal" in the woods, where the lost person feel like went lesser or greater period of time than those who in this place was.

Sometimes this is due to some special condition, in which flows of people and the subjective perception of time differs from the perception of others.

Message from another time

Message from another time can look quite different, however, for the most part, they leave behind material evidence. Below we give examples of possible messages to modern people from different times.

  • Messages from different times, obtained or preserved through modern technology. It can be phone calls, SMS, etc.
  • The scenes replay from the past or the future in the present through an unknown mechanism. For example,chronometrage where the Mirage reflects the scene, not what is happening at the moment.
  • Artifacts that do not correspond to its time.

Facts in this category are unrecognizable fairly easy, with the participation of a specialist in the history of a certain region and period.

Some facts often described the phenomenon of the anomalies associated with time. Often it is mentioned together with such phenomena as UFOs, crimson fog, Ghost, etc.

Also touching chronorally often mention various atmospheric phenomena.

Kronoberg unexplained phenomenon, in which you can see or hear events that occurred in the past (according to some in the future). They can be divided into:

  • Picture without sound
  • The image is accompanied by the sounds
  • Different sounds without the image

Should distinguish it from simple a Mirage is an atmospheric phenomenon that enables the use of optical reflections to see shifted in the space of events occurring in the present.

A distinctive feature of Kronoberg is that many of those who watched, trying to capture on photo, audio and video equipment, but instead of the image they were either white spots or nothing at all, and instead of sound – the usual noise.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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