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This section contains information about the representation of phenomena in the entertainment industry: movies, cartoons, books, etc.



The movie "Ghostbusters", filmed in the genre of science fiction with elements of good humour and satire, tells the story of three young scientists from Columbia University, new York, dedicated to the study of paranormal phenomena. After being kicked out of University, finding of these studies was "stupid and offensive", they start their own business catching ghosts, guided by the accumulated knowledge.

"Ghostbusters" was released worldwide on 7 June 1984 and was warmly received by audiences and critics. The film still retains the highest ratings and has millions of fans around the world, being one of the iconic works that have shaped ideas about paranormal phenomena in the whole generation.

The events in the film happen in our (or very similar to our own) the world and look realistic, although a little naive from the standpoint of the modern viewer. Paranormal phenomena are at the heart of the story and although the characters are perceived with surprise, but did not affect them deeply. For the most part, such events are not considered to be revelation, confirming the existence of parallel worlds or life after death, but as a nuisance in everyday activities. In fact, it is based on this business idea the main characters – the provision of services for catching ghosts in a world in which such phenomena are extremely rare or considered something impossible, unlikely, it would make sense.

Relation to paranormal in the movie

The citizens ' attitude to paranormal phenomena in the course of the film changes. At the beginning of the heroes kicked out of the University because of the "carelessness" of research topics, but closer to the middle, the representative of the authorities closes their place of work, as he believes their work is environmentally safe. However, what is first perceived as a silly idea, gradually begins to make a profit, and most of the movie, the hunters full of customers and fans, and in the end the mayor turns to him for help.

Themselves the main characters to paranormal phenomena are different.

Peter Venkman (bill Murray) refers to ghosts, psychic abilities and other mystical things with a great sense of humor, irony and skepticism. He examines what is happening mostly as a way of achieving personal goals, in particular as an opportunity to pick up girls.

Ray (Dan Aykroyd), on the contrary, sincerely believes in paranormal phenomena, treating them with a lively, almost childlike curiosity and getting obvious pleasure from what is happening.

Egon Spengler (Harold Ramis) behaves like a real scientist trying to approach the investigated phenomena with a cool head and to expose them to detailed analysis and study. It is to him that the hunters are obliged all their equipment to detect ghosts, catch them and contain in isolation.

Zeddmore Winston (Ernie Hudson) is the only member of the team who are not scientists and got to this group on the announcement of the hiring. To the paranormal phenomena he refers to as the work piece, which is well illustrated by his phrase: "If I will pay well, I'll believe any damn thing you tell me will make a fuss".

Dana Barrett (Sigourney weaver) is the main female character of the film. Initially, it refers to the activities of hunters skeptical, but felt compelled to contact him after she is faced with inexplicable phenomena in your own kitchen.

Special effects

The budget of "Ghostbusters" was quite modest, even for its time, so a large number of special effects he can not boast. However, those that have performed on quite high for the time of the film's release level.


The Ghost in the library

First of all this applies, of course, to the ghosts. They look quite eerie, sometimes frightening. Even a fairly awkward slime when you first view made will shudder in the shots where he was flying directly at the viewer. However, their detailing is quite high, and in the frames of the film they do not seem alien elements.

Despite the fairly high-quality special effects, footage from the film can hardly be mistaken for photos of real life that interfere with a recognizable visual style, and also the enormous popularity of the work.


The audience is still in awe of "Ghostbusters". This film will have a lot of fans around the world. Thousands of children in the West dressed up in "Ghostbusters" for Halloween, played them with friends. Children and teenagers who were fans of the film, acting as Ghost hunters: try to search for ghosts using available or improvised equipment. Some of them are even now trying to follow the example of their idols and to turn the hunt for ghosts in their profession. On the TV I still see the show, which is based on the idea of the film.

Of course, "Ghostbusters" has strengthened the people's belief in the paranormal. What child after watching not wanted to see a Ghost? Many children this movie taught me not to be afraid of ghosts, turning them from something terrible and uncontrollable into something that can be caught or expelled.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Three young scientists from Columbia University of new York — Egon Spengler, ray Stanz and Peter Venkman, are engaged in the study of paranormal phenomena, but especially they are interested in ghosts, and they conducted numerous studies in areas of the world beyond. After being kicked out of University, finding of these studies was "stupid and offensive", they start their own business, guided by the accumulated knowledge. They rent a three-storey building formerly owned by the fire service, I buy an old ambulance Cadillac Miller-Meteor 1959 and running ads on TV. The first people it seemed stupid, and the first order who called themselves "Ghostbusters" had to wait quite a long time. Once a young resident of the metropolis of Dana Barrett comes to him and tells us about the unusual phenomenon that occurred in her apartment. When she looked into the refrigerator, I saw a strange building, covered in green fire world, and the creature, who said one word "Zuul." Peter, however, is not found in her apartment, nothing strange.

Suddenly, new York and several neighboring cities flooded with paranormal activity — ghosts start to appear everywhere. Ghostbusters called to the hotel where they successfully catch the Ghost. After this case, the hunters go up the hill, day and night they go in the orders and even expand their business.

The representative of the office for the protection of the environment Walter peck visits the office hunters, and demands to stop its operation. In their work, hunters use illegal device running on nuclear fuel. Calling hunters charlatans, peck forcibly dismounts the office of the urban electric network, and then caught all the ghosts escape into the wild.

Peter tries to start taking care of Dana, but between them stands a barrier. Dana captures in its power of evil spirits, and she begins to call himself a Gatekeeper (Gatekeeper). Her neighbor Louis Tooley, a humble accountant, also after the influence of supernatural forces, becomes the Keymaster (Key Master). The city, meanwhile, begins to panic. District buildings, where Given, is the epicenter of the chaos. The skyscraper was designed by architect so that it became a portal to the underworld. With the support of the mayor, the Ghostbusters go to the building to save the city from the invasion of ghosts.

The gatekeeper and the keymaster find each other in the middle of a citywide riots and meet the ancient Sumerian God of Gozer the destroyer. Four men appear on the roof of a skyscraper in a time when our world through a portal from another world comes Gozer in the form of a woman. Hunters try to fight him, but to no avail. Gozer tells them that the hunters thoughts can materialize into a creature that will fulfill the will of Gozer and will destroy the city. The hunters are trying anything not to think, but ray accidentally imagines the stay puft marshmallow man. Harmless creature from children's fantasies appear on the streets of new York in the form of giant monsters, destroying everything in its path. Sending him the emitters of the plasma, the hunters beat him, and then Gozer. Peace and order returns to the streets of new York. Peter calls Dana saved, and the townspeople honoring the winners.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Ghost

Ghosts (ghosts) are the basis of the plot and meet in the film constantly. They look completely different, ranging from translucent anthropomorphic creatures (Ghost in the library) and ending with the awkward shapeless clots of mucus (slime). Apparently, they are not trying to hurt deliberately, but only do their own thing, and the results these activities deliver discomfort. The origin of the Ghost is not explained, although their number clearly depends on the total of paranormal activity in the city (so, in the beginning of the film meeting with the Ghost is a rarity, but with the intensification of Gozer their number increases so much so that hunters have to hire Zeddmore to cope with the increased flow of orders).

Hunters catch ghosts using "proton block" (proton pack), which "fires a proton stream that polarizes with the negatively charged energy of a Ghost allowing it to keep this thread", and "traps" (ghost trap), which after opening the lid sucks in nearby ghosts with the help of some force field. Driven movie description these devices are, in fact, the technical rubbish, designed to create the appearance of "scientific" approach of Dr. Spangler.

Shown in the movie the ghosts are consistent with the views of the time in which the film was shot. Primarily this is manifested in their appearance – transparency, lack of legs, and similar effects are typical for images of ghosts in old photographs.

The ghosts in the film easily interact with material objects: librarian is reading a book, and the slime absorbs food. Modern researchers share this perspective, leaving only the ghosts visuals.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Poltergeist

The poltergeist is found in the film only a few times, and each time his appearance is due to the action of supernatural entities: the library is the Ghost of the old lady, and the apartment This Gozer trying to break into our world.

As already stated above, this is consistent with the concept of a poltergeist manifests itself in a place where there's a Ghost (a materialized Ghost – is poltergeist). Modern concepts shared by these entities, not clearly linking the movement of material objects with visual phenomena like ghosts.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Ectoplasm

The ectoplasm in the movie is inextricably linked with ghosts. Apparently, they leave this transparent slime where there.

The filmmakers have borrowed the term, existed in occultism and parapsychology since the nineteenth century. In those submissions, the ectoplasm - viscous (typically light) substance of mysterious origin, which supposedly stands out (in through the nose, ears, etc.) the body of the medium and is then the basis for further process of materialization (limbs, faces, shapes).

While not changing the appearance of ectoplasm, the filmmakers have removed its dependence on the medium as a person, materializma otherworldly entity. In "the Hunters" entity (especially ghosts) materialists themselves, leaving a trail of ectoplasm where there.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: The Alien

Alien from another world is the main antagonist of the movie – the ancient Sumerian God Gozer the Destroyer. He arrives in the city through the skyscraper, designed by the architect as a portal to the underworld. Before the arrival of Gozer are his servants, the demigods Zuul (the Gatekeeper) and Vinz Clortho (the Keeper of the key), which possess Dana Barrett and her neighbor, Lewis Tully. The opening of the portal to the world of Gozer preceded by a ritual mating This and Lewis to the altar, located on the roof of a skyscraper, after which they finally turn into a dog-like demigods.

Apparently, Gozer, like his cohorts, are fiction of the film. In the list of the gods of Sumerian mythology, we were unable to find mention of someone of them.

If you do not take into account interesting plot device with the choice of method of destruction of the world, the idea of the coming of Gozer rather banal and is fully consistent with the views of the time about the appeal of supernatural entities: one possessing secret knowledge, creates a device for a call, then performed certain rituals, after which the entity appears and tries to accomplish what its called.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Werewolf

The lycanthropy in the film can be roughly classified episode of turning This Barrett and Lewis Tully in demons after summoning Gozer. The demons in this film are presented doglike demigods Soulom (Gatekeeper) and Vincom Clortho (Guardian key).

In the period between the universe and the physical transformation of both characters exhibit the characteristics of classical representations of the victims of the demons: inappropriate behavior, the suppression of their own will, paranormal ability (The levitation), broadcasting someone else's voice, etc.

This point differs from the classical ideas about werewolves, because the physical appearance of the people change under the influence they possessed in supernatural entities. While their bodies are subject to the will of these entities and to becoming. In the traditional views about the werewolves is that those only occasionally (e.g., full moon) losing control, turning into a beast, and the rest of the time are no different from other people.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Extrasensory perception

Psychic abilities of people are in the movie in passing. In the beginning, when scientists working at the University, they are studying clairvoyance (or telepathy) through the Zener cards. The Peter Venkman is trying to stimulate experimental electric shock, blowing the discharge after each wrong answer.

However, in this scene it is obvious that the scientist himself to this experiment refers not seriously trying with his help to establish a relationship with a cute Guinea pig student.

Similar experiments on the study of paranormal forms of perception or abilities (e.g., clairvoyance) was conducted from the beginning of the 20th century as enthusiasts and real scientists. In the 1930-ies of the psychologist Carl Sinerem (Karl Edward Zener) were offered a deck of cards with five recurring patterns (circle, cross, three wavy lines, square, five-pointed star), the same used in the film. By the time "Ghostbusters" such experiments were held much less frequently.

Levitation, as the lycanthropy in the film is the result of a supernatural entity, possessed Dana Barrett.

As mentioned earlier, this behavior of the object of the demon is consistent with conventional ideas about the phenomenon.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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