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8 very unusual things that have ever fallen from heaven

Added Thu, 28/09/2023
Дата публикации
Thu, 28/09/2023

At different times, people had to contemplate extremely strange "precipitation". These cases are undoubtedly very rare, but it should still be understood that sometimes an ordinary umbrella may not be enough.


In the Brazilian city of Santo António da Platina in 2013 there was a downpour of spiders. A lot of tiny arthropods were carried across the sky by the strongest air currents.

Frogs and fish

This is how hurricanes often joke. The air flows absorb the contents of lakes, including frogs and fish, and at a certain moment brings it down on people.


In 1876, in the American city of Olympia Springs, the "precipitation" of venison and mutton began. The reason for this was a huge flock of vultures flying past with prey.


In 1969, in the American city of Chester, a rain of cream, which was produced by the Border Company, fell on the residents. This was due to a malfunction at the factory.

Golf balls

Such an unusual hail was seen in 1969 in the American city of Punta Gorda. The balls were moved by the storm.


Viewers saw these unpleasant "precipitation" during a football match in 2001 in the UK and in 2007 in the USA.


In 1997, a Russian patrol boat rescued a fishing vessel from Japan. The latter began to sink because it was touched by a cow that fell from the sky. As it turned out, the artiodactyl, stolen by one of the pilots, fell overboard the plane.


But this is one of those "rains" that can be called pleasant. In 1957, in the French city of Bourget, about a thousand francs fell from the sky. Similar "precipitation" was observed in 1975 in Chicago.

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