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In India, there was a downpour of fish

Added Wed, 27/07/2022
Дата публикации
Wed, 27/07/2022

Summer is a rainy season when, after several days of scorching, exhausting sun, heavenly moisture is truly desirable. But only in the case when it really rains from heaven, and not a downpour of unusual living beings and objects, as happened in mid-July in India.

Fish, frogs and other inhabitants of reservoirs flew from the sky to the heads of the unfortunate Hindus along with raindrops. However, in some regions of the planet there are worse rains.

Fish and frogs

This year, an unusual phenomenon was observed in the Indian state of Telangana. Various types of aquatic inhabitants rained down from the sky on the residents of the city of Jagtial for two days. Outwardly, it looked like a real phantasmagoria.

However, scientists do not see anything mystical in such a living rain. In their opinion, this happens when water tornadoes drag fish and other inhabitants of rivers, swamps and seas into themselves, lift them into the atmosphere, and then drop them on unsuspecting people in the form of rain.

Shortly before the Indian fish shower, a similar rain passed over the territory of the United States. In the town of Texarkana, one of the streets was littered with live bass. But it's not so scary yet. It is difficult to imagine what horror the beautiful half of the inhabitants of Argentina suffered in 2007, when a rain of spiders fell on the country. It was time to recall the biblical writings about the "plagues of Egypt."

The most interesting thing is that in a number of cities on the planet, fish rains are almost an ordinary phenomenon.

In Honduras, the authorities even hold a large-scale "Fish Rain Festival". You can get caught in a downpour of fish in this country every year from May to July. Similar fish precipitation takes place in Ethiopia, India and Greece.

At the same time, scientists have noticed one interesting feature. Usually, only one breed of fish falls from the sky. So, in 1861, rain from catfish was recorded, in 1859 in South Wales — from minnows, and in 1918 in Sunderland, only herring fell from the sky. But in 1972 in Washington and in 1985 in London there was a rain of fish of different breeds. In our country, in 1933, a rain of jellyfish fell on the village of Kavalerovo in the Far East.

The heavens are crying

Among the unusual rains, the greatest fright among believers is usually caused by "bloody rains". In this case, a red liquid pours from the sky, strongly resembling blood in its color and consistency. Especially often these apocalyptic rains take place in India in the state of Kerala. Sometimes such strange precipitation is observed in Russia and a number of European countries.

The legendary philosopher of the ancient world Plutarch was the first to write about the "bloody rain". In turn, the French chronicles of 1585 claim that the red rain greatly frightened the inhabitants of Paris, who mistook it for blood pouring from the sky. About a hundred years later, a bloody rain fell again in France in 1669. This time, residents of the country turned to the Academy of Sciences for an explanation of the phenomenon. In vain!

Meteorologists were able to explain the riddle of the "blood rains" only in the early 2000s. With the help of satellite reconnaissance, it was found that during sandstorms in the Sahara, red trade wind dust rises into the sky, coloring thunderclouds, and then over the territory of Europe it pours in the form of red rains. The public was even provided with pictures of red clouds moving from Africa to Europe. In Russia, the so-called colored rains can often be observed in the Stavropol Territory and the North Caucasus.

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