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Домовые (Альманах №2)


Added Thu, 08/08/2019
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Домовые (Альманах №2)

The book is a collection of stories about brownies, bathhouses– owins - stories of eyewitnesses of meetings with representatives of "evil spirits" living next to a person. The collection is the second edition of the books from the series "Mysterious Russia". The cycle includes:

  • Brownies.
  • Homeworkers and yard workers.
  • The guilty ones.
  • Bannik.

We have archived the stories with the date and the exact location of the incident: #1569308519, #1576576919, #1576578508, #1576580143, #1576582338

Fact #1569308519

Fact | 1899

Recorded Russian writer F. D. Nefedov (1838-1902) not later than 1899 in the province of Kostroma:

Fact #1576576919

Fact | 1898

Recorded F. Nefedov in 1898. in the Kostroma region:

Fact #1576578508

Fact | 1993
The evil eye, curses and corruption

The text of the "Mythological narratives of Eastern Siberia," retold by V. P Zinoviev:

Fact #1576580143

Fact | 1900
Fire Poltergeist

The text is retold. The original "Unusual phenomenon" (Vladimir, 1900).

Fact #1576582338

Fact | 1884

The text is retold. The original "Tales and legends of the Samara region", collected by D. N. By Sadovnikov 1884

The book contains not only descriptions of house creatures, related ideas and customs, but also stories (in which the narrator himself was an eyewitness to a meeting with "evil spirits") and byvalschiny (the author of which retells someone's story).

Phenomena in artwork: Brownie

In the views of people the house was in charge of not only the house itself, but the yard, and also sometimes some extensions (for different views, it can be both one entity and more than one). Sometimes the house is divided into domozhilov and yard. Yard see much more than a house. It can happen in the middle of the day: cleaning the yard, you notice a large man ("dark whole, face to be able"), who stands, leaning against the wall.

The house cares for the cattle, therefore, if it is not necessary "to the court", that can behave very anxious, hurt or die. To appease brownie with the purchase of new cattle to be taken from the old place of her abode a piece of manure and put it in your yard and on the way home to break off a sprig and Pat her ass. Sometimes the house itself is to make your yard the new cattle.

The house usually has the appearance of the house, but can turn into any animal.

The house can warn the inhabitants of the house about some danger or to tell you how to do in a difficult situation.

House often leans on people at night in the form of a black cat, in his guise or it becomes completely invisible. He presses on the chest, forcing people to choke. If you ask "for better or for worse", he can answer what they expect in the future. Sometimes he is shown in the form of a man, with whom you can talk. Also, it can appears after long prayers to show that it is not very nice.

It is noted that the house can have sexual relations with living in a house of women. He rarely allows himself such relations with the wife of the head of the house, and other women belonging to the family of master, but hired workers it happens quite often. He does this so skillfully that none of the household (sometimes even the woman) does not know about this (it is believed that he unleashes upon them an erotic dream in which a handsome man).

It was the custom not only to appease the already living in the house of the house, leaving him bread or milk, but to call him in with you if you move. If the owner changes, but the tent of the house like that, it remains (after the owner's death shall dwell with the son, and then grandson, etc.). If the house burns down, the house can wait from his friend in the barn until the owners can not build a new one. If burn the whole village, the houses disperse to other villages.

It is believed that a house can be called. For this you need to leave a clean comb in a bucket of water. After three days in the water should appear vodos brownie. If the hair RUB in hands, then the lights go out, and if you RUB again – he appears brownie.

Another form of a house of the spirit can be considered vennogo or "podovinnikov" (it was believed that he lives in the barn – outbuildings, in which were dried in the sheaves before threshing). He is revered in the same way as the house. The stories about it are very similar to the stories about the house: it can show myself with conversation, a touch or other action. It is believed that ovinnik lives in Podlasie is the place where to build a fire for drying bread. He also makes offerings to protect the barn from trouble. Barn also able to predict the future than to enjoy during the Christmas divination. This spirit is able to take the appearance of a person or animal (most often a huge black cat the size of a large dog). Barn can also punish the person for a misdemeanor or disbelief in him (more often it just burns the barn).

To house the spirits living in human buildings, and can also include Bannik. He, like barn, able to take the form of a human or animal, to predict the future, and to help or to harm people depending on the actions of the latter. While in the bath while washing it is not visible to the human eye. Often the swab do not live alone, and with girls, not baptized or damned mothers. Also they can steal or substitute children.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Poltergeist

Various simple poltergeist phenomena, such as rattling, grunts, night footsteps, the sound of dishes is also credited with the antics of brownie. Sometimes these sounds are considered to be harbingers of trouble.

Brownies can be prichinoi more serious and scary poltregeist phenomena, like the appearance of water, levitation of objects and the appearance of an open fire. It is believed that such symptoms indicate a strong dissatisfaction with the brownie.

Also, this phenomenon was explained by the appearance in the house of another house (or several). It was assumed that in case of disaster (e.g., fire) one house can shelter other, but sometimes they do not get along and begin to make noise.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Wandering Fire

House sometimes appears accompanied by stray lights. So, the book is a description of a case in which people saw the house at midnight in the guise of a boy dragged the horses hay, and in front of him ran the blue light illuminated his way.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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