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The Scoutmaster


Added Fri, 22/02/2019
Release date
Original title
Project Blue Book (season 1, episode 7)

Project Blue Book

TV Show|2019
A chronicle of the true top secret U.S. Air Force-sponsored investigations into UFO-related phenomena in the 1950s and ’60s, known as “Project Blue Book.”

The Blue Book Project (Season 1)

TV Show Season|2019

The seventh episode of the first season of "Project "Blue book" called "Leader of scouts" (in the original – "The Scoutmaster"). This episode was based on the sighting of a UFO counselor Sonny Desvergers in August 1952. Currently this event is considered to have exposed a hoax.

Fact #1550832232

Fact | 1952

At about 10 p.m. in a sweltering moonless night on Tuesday, August 19, 1952, in the County of palm beach, Florida, was the call to Deputy Sheriff Mott N. Partin.

The plot of the episode involves two parallel lines: the first is devoted to the investigation As the disappearance of the leader, the second – the search for stolen top-secret base of the device, which leads Quinn. Here we will not dwell on the second storyline, as it does not include any significant plot twists.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

The story begins with the fact that over the scout camp in the woods flies some glowing red object. He is torn between the branches, scaring children, and then lands in the distance. The counselor goes to see what is happening and goes missing for 48 hours. In the place of his disappearance find the burnt trees and grass. Arrived on the scene Hynek, discovers the ashes untouched by fire hat and a camera of a counselor. Showing pictures, he discovers one of them is a bright object with three luminous dots.

Children who were in the camp at the time of the abduction, telling the Heineken legend, the local Indians about "people who come down from heaven", and also show them cave paintings. Returning to the scene, Hynek finds the swamp near the camp location scouts. He tries to convince concerned residents of the town that the cause of the observed phenomena was the explosion of marsh gas. Residents don't believe him. At this point in the meeting receive the missing leader; the skin on his face and body burned. He said that he saw a huge alien with elongated head, shot him and probably killed.

At the scene find an elongated skull. After talking with a representative of the local tribe, Hynek finds out that once the Indians was made to warp the head for ritual purposes. Found the skull, most likely, have been stolen from a recently looted grave in an ancient Indian burial ground. Hynek finds out that the scout leader had conspired with the chief of police, hoping to sell a story about an alien abduction film Studio. Skull they planned to use as material evidence of the existence of aliens.

Quinn, meanwhile, tries to break a Russian spy who is suspected in stealing secret equipment from military depots. Later it turns out that this is not a spy and double agent, who in the course of the interrogation was to find out whether the thief himself Quinn: the device went missing at the same time, when they are conducted As an investigation in the same area. Quinn understands the device could take Hynek.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: UFO

UFO in this episode is seen very bad. Its dimensions and shape could not be assessed. It is clear only that on the case there are several sources of very bright red and white light. On pictures taken by a counselor, there are three light source located at the vertices of an equilateral triangle.

By assumption, the Heineken, no UFO was not, the glow was caused by the explosion of marsh gas, and a photograph of a counselor is a fake.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: The Alien

The stranger saw only counselor, and the accuracy of his story is questionable. According to him, it was a very tall creature with outstretched head and big almond-shaped eyes. It came from a space ship without clothes. According to the counselor, he was able to kill the creature with a few shots from a rifle.

As proof of his story, the counselor demonstrated the elongated skull found at the site of the alleged landing of a UFO. However, the presence of this skull causes even more doubt in the story of a counselor: if this is the skull of a creature he killed, it is unclear what happened to the rest of the body, and why the skull is so clean, without residues of decaying flesh on it.

As it turns out later, this is the skull of an ancient Indian subjected to the ritual of "drawing" head stolen from local graves.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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