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The curse of the murdered nuns

Added Mon, 07/08/2017
Дата публикации
Mon, 07/08/2017

1910. Jacques fauré, major, French army, found a treasure, truly priceless – as in purely monetary terms and in artistic and historical. Once these treasures belonged to the founder of Quebec, the legendary Samuel Champlain, who in 1627г. hid them on the sandy coast near Mill Bay. A year later the Governor of New France Samuel Champlain has suspended his authority and left for Marseilles, for home. He returned to 1633г., in order to continue the Board, and to take their possessions, they produced a very dangerous work. However, no matter how he tried to raise the chests, iron-bound to do so and could not.

Later, telling about this event, Champlain said that he saw a shiny cover chests, but the water came so much that it was impossible to bail out. At the same time, the shifting sand did not allow people to become stronger and stand on the loose edges of the pit. Shifting, the sand glowed and sang. Frightened by sinister visions, a superstitious cowardly soldiers simply ran away.

The Governor-pirate

Died Samuel Champlain in 1635, and not being able to raise your treasure. But what were these treasures? The answer can be found in the "chronicle of the formation of Canada", which was published in the mid-19th century.

...Champlain was vainly waiting for a promised king of France funds needed for the maintenance of the garrison, the development of crafts and other needs of the colonists of Quebec. In the end he decided to deal with pirates and began to attack the British and the Spaniards. When a few rooms in his house was literally littered with gold, diamonds, pearls and wares of goldsmiths and Champlain stop their raids.

As you can see, then a sea robbery was not considered reprehensible deed, and that the Governor himself killed and robbed, not condemned. Moreover, the colonists considered him a brave and fair man who cares deeply about the welfare of his subjects. It is noteworthy that when Champlain temporarily left his post and went to France, for his treasure is not encroached anybody. However, the Governor's treasure defended himself, and the supernatural, and the reason for this was the events that occurred on the day of his burying.

...When the soldiers of Champlain lowered the chests in the wet trenches, nearby appeared a young woman. The Governor's aide-de-camp Henri Chevrier, "in order to prevent harmful curiosity", cut the head off a stranger with a sword. When Champlain found a dead woman abbess Susanna Orly, he told me to bury his adjutant with chests together. The abbess was buried not far from the Mill Bay. The incident has decided to keep secret...

And the sand started to do this the hell that crowds of people went there, like in the theatre to see the fire boat and the fire and the mysterious woman. Those who dared to approach the phantom, soon or lost his mind or died under mysterious fires...

Fortunate adventurer Jacques Faure

Having from the government a patent for a treasure hunt, the team handicap established earthmoving shell on pontoons and began to choose the sand on the shores of Mill Bay. People worked day and night. The first victims was Malcolm Proust, an engineer and a companion of Jacques: it swept the broken rope. The second victim was the nephew of the treasure hunt Lieutenant Michelle Sassen. He directed the work in his uncle's absence and often saw the brightest glow of the sand and growing out of his mirages.

In that fateful hour the major the odds were on duty together with the driver of earth-moving projectile and also heard whistling sand, also watched the cold flame, out from under the bucket. And when on earth swayed by the glowing figure, fauré saw with horror that one scoop came off and knocked down Michel Sassen. The Lieutenant died instantly. Thus, of the three people who started this enterprise, one survived Jacques Faure. He not only survived, but also brought the end of a nail, working with the greatest care.

Since then many years have passed, but cause a succession of deaths has not been established. Digging the shell was served by fifteen people, eight of them died. All the tragedy occurred at night and was accompanied by the glow and the "singing" Sands. In particular, the truck that had taken people to work, moved out somehow with an excellent road and fell into the water off a cliff. Drowned four young men. The police, during questioning, Jacques Faure insists on thinking that all deaths are the result of technological and human factors.

Later, however, he changed his mind and said that the beaches on the shore of a mysterious Mill Bay unfit for human stay and rest as abnormal and damaging to the psyche.

21 Aug 1910. "the Governor's treasure" became the property of the canadian government. Jacques Faure and his remaining assistants got its reward and departed. Part of the ancient treasures can be seen today in the Quebec Museum of arts, the others are in the Treasury.

...And on the shores of Mill Bay did not stop the light extravaganza. Regularly appeared the Ghost of the headless nun, although to guard him there was nothing. In 1922. in the newspaper "Paris courier" published a very detailed report on the activities of major handicap in the dunes of Quebec. Expressed regret that this brave patriot and entrepreneur who managed to get rich in a dubious, it would seem, enterprises, died in a mental hospital of a heart attack...

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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