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Mystical Finland

Added Sun, 15/12/2019
Дата публикации
Fri, 05/08/2016

Legends of country, inexplicable natural phenomena, ghosts, and facts, which are not described in the tourist brochures, in the first place of interest to travelers. In Finland there are places shrouded in mystery, which are certainly worth a visit.

"The Finns have always been the object of superstitious fear to its European neighbors, the very name "Finn" was equivalent to the concept of a sorcerer," says the English ethnologist E. B. Tylor.


The Finns have always been the object of superstitious fear to their European soudaine always been the object of superstitious fear to its European neighbors, the Sami or the Lapps were great predictors of the weather. Knew about it not only Scandinavians, but also the entire European nation.

Lapland shamans (Noida) "sold" a fair wind to the sailors. They conjured that the ship was going ahead no matter the weather. The sailors told me that sometimes met the boat going upwind with tight puffed-out sails. It is a pity that history is silent as to how much this service cost.

Shamans of the highest rank not just affect weather conditions, but exactly predicting the future. Even Tsar Ivan the terrible appealed to the Laplanders, to find out their future. They told him the demise and pointed out the exact date of death.

Still Noida had the gift of healing. They were treating not only serious illness, but also helped, for example, to overcome stress from the prolonged cold. By the way, do the Saami thought that their gift can learn from anyone.

Mysterious lights on the lake Paasselka

Lake Paasselka is between Savonlinna and Joensuu. It is here on the surface of the water you can see strange lights similar to lightning bolts. Scientists still can't explain the origin of the mysterious lights that appear from time to time on the surface of the lake Paasselka. Local residents believe that these lights lure those who like to swim, to drown them. According to legend, these flashes indicate the place where you can find treasures.

The Ghost of Sibelius in Hämeenlinna

The figure of the great Finnish composer Jean Sibelius is largely shrouded in mystery. They say that when Sibelius finished the work on the "Fifth Symphony", he saw the storks, and it made a big impression on him. Many years later, already in the twilight of his life, he again saw these birds. One of them strayed from the pack and began circling above the head of the composer. Two days later, Sibelius died, and at that moment the radio was playing "the Fifth Symphony".

Jean Sibelius was born and raised in the city of hämeenlinna. In his childhood he loved to walk in abandoned places around his town. The residents of this city say that the Ghost of Sibelius's haunting here as before. In the house where he lived is today a Museum, and many visitors feel the invisible presence of the composer. Sibelius himself did not conceal that he believed in reincarnation, and often talked about their previous lives.

"The island of widows"

The job of a postman is dangerous and difficult at all times. Before the letter was delivered at great risk to the messenger. For example, to deliver mail from Stockholm to Turku via Aland Islands, could cost the postman's life.

From the 17th to the 19th century men were forced to carry thousands of letters once a week. The most difficult time is spring, when the ice began to melt. Wooden postal boats went to the bottom within a few minutes. In all the time killed more than 200 men living on the island of Eckerö, where mail. After the tragic events of åland began to call "the Island of widows."

Abandoned Olympic swimming pool in 1952

The Olympic games are held across the planet on their preparation takes a lot of time and money. And the competition has died down, and what fate awaits the built structures? One of the most famous abandoned facilities became Finnish Olympic pool built for the games in 1952.

XV Summer Olympic games were held for the first time in the Finnish capital. Contain an outdoor pool after the games were expensive, and the object was abandoned. Today it is disorganized, dirty, empty pool, surrounded on all sides by trees. Many Finns say that this place is enchanted – there are ghosts of athletes. People believe that if you want to enter the "great sport", then you need to come to this place and talk to spirits.

Revived the Finnish forest

In different parts of the world, you can find entire neighborhoods and even cities, where for many years no one lives. Throughout Finland will be about 300 vacant houses. The Finnish depths of Suomusjarvi is one of those abandoned places. Here, the life, but not human...

Photographer Kai Fagerstrom, like all the inhabitants of a small village, left his house, but many years later wanted to visit their homes. Imagine his surprise when it turned out that the local house is not empty. The new inhabitants were mice, badgers, squirrels, foxes. The photographer took a series of pictures entitled "House in the woods", which took him four years.

"Entering the house, I like going back to many years ago – the past still breathes here in every corner. And you know, there's something comforting in the fact that nature takes back the space once given to people for temporary use," says Kai Fagerstrom.

The woman in gray

Moving the Finnish border, you are in the city of Imatra, which has for centuries attracted travelers. The most famous hotel of this area – castle "Valtionhotelli". The building was built in 1903. It lives a Ghost – the woman in gray.

Legend says if a woman checked into the cheapest room of the hotel "Valtionhotelli", located on the upper floors. The resident chose to hide his real name. She lived there for a long time until she ran out of money. Paying the last day at the hotel, she went to the waterfall. More it nobody saw. They say she was married to a Russian, but fell in love with officer Finn, whom he met in Imatra. In these places the woman found her happiness, so I decided to stay here forever.

The hotel staff confirms its presence, it is considered tactful and calm the Ghost, who appears only in the dark. However, particularly susceptible staff refuse to enter alone in the upper floors of the hotel.

Stone Kumakiri

A huge stone, which in an incredible way is kept at one point, surprising not only tourists but also scientists. Block holds its position – still remains a mystery. Kumakiri is located in the forest near the road leading to Mikkeli.

According to legend, once in these places was a battle for territory between people and forest giants. The giants were smarter and stopped the battle: they set Kumakiri in the place which was considered the border between their land and possessions of people. Since then, a stone no one could budge. Scientists say that the stone remained in that position after the collapse of the rocks during the ice age.

In any case, Kumakiri is one of the most interesting natural attractions of Finland, against which so love to be photographed by tourists.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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