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The Twilight Zone


The Twilight Zone is an American television series that aired from October 2, 1959, to June 19, 1964. Each of the 156 episodes is a mix of fantasy, science fiction, drama, and horror.

Popular with both viewers and critics, this series opened up to many Americans the serious science fiction and abstract ideas that filled its episodes. The show has served as the basis for numerous literary works, from novelizations of individual episodes to collections of original stories edited by series Creator Rod Serling himself.

Phenomena in artwork: Spirits

In the second episode of the first season, the spirit of death appears to an elderly salesman and warns him of his impending demise. The spirit looks like a middle-aged man in a dark classic suit and tie. Only the people he came for can see him. Death can disappear in one place and then reappear in another. To demonstrate its essence, it can instantly kill a plant just by touching it. Death carries a notebook that contains all the information about people who are going to die in the near future. He States that there are three reasons why a person's departure can be delayed: the presence of relatives who will grieve beyond measure; an activity that is important to all of humanity; and, finally, an unfinished business that is essential in nature. Death can be deceived by making a deal with him and making every effort to not fulfill his part, but in this case there are consequences: Death must take with him one of the people dear to the deceiver.

The spirit of death also appears in the sixteenth episode of the first season. He appears in the form of a hitchhiker voting on the road to a girl who is driving across the country in her car. The spirit looks like an ordinary middle-aged man in a rumpled suit and hat. She passes him every time, but he appears in her path again and again. The first time she sees him next to her car is after she almost gets into an accident. Later it turns out that in fact at this moment she died in a car accident, and everything that happened after – the fruit of her dying consciousness.

In the sixth episode of the first season, the main character is the devil and offers to make a deal, giving him immortality and invulnerability in exchange for a soul. The devil looks like an ordinary well-fed man in a suit. Sometimes it doesn't materialize completely and remains semi-transparent.

In the twenty-eighth episode of the first season, a servant of hell named PIP is shown, who looks like a plump, gray-haired man in a white suit. He accompanies the deceased criminal and seeks to fulfill all his wishes. PIP is able to disappear, gradually disappearing into thin air, as well as suddenly appear at the first call. Bullets pass through it without causing harm.

In the thirty-second episode of the first season, the Archangel Gabriel is shown, who meets the soul of a temporarily trapped person in purgatory and instills in him the desire to live on. Gabriel looks like an ordinary person and plays the trumpet very well.

In the thirty-third episode of the first season, the main character's guardian angel appears. He looks like an ordinary man in a formal suit. The angel has the ability to reverse time, change reality, control the movement of objects, materialize things, and suddenly appear and disappear.

In the fifth episode of the second season, the devil himself appears. At first, he looks like an ordinary man locked up by monks in a prison cell. According to the Abbot of the monastery, the devil is the cause of all the troubles in the world, including the First world war. After he was caught and locked up, the misfortunes and wars stopped. Only the Staff of Truth can keep the devil locked up – judging by its appearance (and also by the fact that the main character makes it himself), it is just a specially bent stick. Once free, the devil takes on its true form: it appears horns, ears become large and sharp. He disappears in a puff of smoke.

In the sixteenth episode of the third season, an elderly woman is seen Dying in the guise of a young police officer. She had seen him many times before, and each time he looked different, but he always took someone she knew with him. No one else sees it, which leads her to believe that Death is after her. She'd spent the last few years locked in the basement, never letting anyone in, never going outside.

In the nineteenth episode of the third season, two spirits are shown guarding the gates of heaven and hell. They look like ordinary people in ordinary village-style clothing.

In the thirty-sixth episode of the third season, the guardian angels are shown. They look like ordinary people of different ages and wear tunics. Many angels have small wings, but as the story progresses, it turns out that they need to be earned. Most angels lead a righteous life, but this is not in their nature. Angels can drink alcohol, smoke, and behave idly, although this is frowned upon in their society. The angel is able to perform miracles, changing the surrounding reality at will. It can suddenly materialize in any place and create glittering inscriptions hanging in the air.

In the ninth episode of the fourth season, the Devil makes a deal with the editor of a bankrupt newspaper. He is willing to ensure the publication's popularity in exchange for the editor's immortal soul. At the same time, the Devil is hired as a reporter and linotypist and makes changes to the printing equipment: any news typed on the Linotype becomes a reality. The devil looks like an ordinary man over middle age, drinks, smokes and flirts with women. The only obvious supernatural ability he demonstrates is pyrokinesis: he lights a cigar several times with his own finger.

In the fourteenth episode of the fourth season, a woman named Devlin appears, who offers a rich elderly man to fulfill his most cherished desire. The woman turns out to be the Devil or his messenger, as eloquently evidenced by the small horns on her head. As payment, she accepts all the rich man's possessions, since his sinful soul will go to hell anyway. Devlin sends a man back in time and makes him look young, but because he didn't articulate his terms clearly enough, they were distorted in execution. As a result, he was never able to fulfill his desires and live his own life again.

Phenomena in artwork: Parallel world

In the fourth episode of the first season, the aging actress longs to immerse herself in the fictional reality that existed in the films in which she played more than 20 years ago. This obsession creates a parallel world, into which this actress eventually moves. In this new reality, she lives in the same house, but meets there the characters of the films in which she played. When the only friend sees the actress on the screen and calls her, she hears it and throws a handkerchief on the floor. Later, this handkerchief is found in the same place on the floor of her house in our reality. It remains unclear whether this reality exists only on film or becomes an independent space.

In the twenty-first episode of the first season, doppelgangers of the people at the bus station appear. Presumably, they come from a parallel world, and in order to survive in our world, they need to replace their local copies. At the same time, people from our world do not notice their copies for a long time, despite the fact that they rearrange their luggage, talk to the station staff instead of them, and even get on the bus right in front of them.

In the twenty-third episode of the first season, a young executive finds himself in a parallel world, in which he is an actor playing the role of this executive. There is no noticeable transition between realities, at some point the main character just sees a film crew around him. The return back happens in the same place and just as unexpectedly.

In the thirty-second episode of the first season, purgatory is shown, inhabited by the souls of dead people. It looks like an ordinary modern metropolis, whose residents are constantly rushing about their business. In fact, they simply did not realize that they died and continue to go about their usual business.

In the sixth episode of the second season, they show a world in which people with the usual appearance are considered freaks and try to treat them, and the incurable are sent to specially designated areas. The rest of the inhabitants of this world, from our point of view, have an ugly face.

In the ninth episode of the second season, an elderly actor named Templeton, leaving the theater, finds himself in a parallel world created on the basis of his memories of thirty years ago. There he meets his beloved wife and best friend, long dead in his world. However, they act as if they don't want to see him, and send him back to the real world.

In the twenty-sixth episode of the second season, the main character, who is sentenced to death in the electric chair, claims that the whole world is his dream. This is confirmed by numerous small details of what is happening, more suitable for the film than for reality. The main character notices that the people around him have the faces of those he knows in real life. In his opinion, the whole world around him will disappear when he is executed and wakes up. At the moment of his death, the world really begins to fade and fade away. After that, the nightmare starts all over again.

In the twenty-sixth episode of the third season, a little girl falls into the fourth dimension, accidentally falling through a passage formed in the wall of her room. The passage appeared in this place unexpectedly and gradually decreased. The voice of a girl in the fourth dimension can be heard in different parts of the house.

In the twenty-seventh episode of the third season, a man wakes up in a world in which no one recognizes him. At the same time, the world itself has not changed, and the main character meets many people he knows.

In the eleventh episode of the fourth season, astronaut Robert Gaines must spend a week in Earth orbit. After the fifteenth revolution around the planet, he sees a bright flash and loses consciousness. Gaines wakes up in a hospital bed, where he finds out that he somehow managed to land a spacecraft designed for landing on water on earth. Within six days after that, Gaines notices inconsistencies in the surrounding world of his usual reality: a fence near a house that did not exist before, another title, historical characters unknown to him, and even another US president. His daughter does not recognize him, and his wife notices that he has changed. Minor differences are also found in the design of the spacecraft. Gradually, the astronaut comes to the conclusion that he is in an alien reality, and at this moment he returns back: he finds himself in his own world at the time of landing on Earth. It turns out that the connection with him was lost for only 6 hours. At first, no one believes Gaines ' story, but soon his story is confirmed by an unidentified object that appeared a few minutes in Earth's orbit, which turns out to be a spacecraft piloted by Robert Gaines from another reality.

In the thirtieth episode of the fifth season, the alien girl's father brings her new pets from Earth – a married couple. She puts them in a toy town with a railroad. When people wake up, they notice that there are no residents in the city and in general all living things, the furniture in the houses is fake, the plants and animals are artificial. The sun does not change its position, there are no roads leading out of the city, and a single train returns to the same station from which it left.

In the thirty-sixth episode of the fifth season, two children of constantly fighting parents discover a portal to a parallel world at the bottom of the pool of their own home. The portal leads to a pond near the house of old Aunt Ti, who gathers unhappy children under her roof. According to the Aunt, the children find their way to her in all sorts of places: through the chimney, by opening the door, on the street corner, or on the steps. As a rule, it is possible to get to it only once, but the main characters do it at least three times. Once in a parallel world, children continue to hear the voices of their parents calling them, but over time they become quieter.

Phenomena in artwork: Chronorally

In the fifth episode of the first season, the main character returns to his hometown and suddenly realizes that he has moved in time more than 20 years ago. He meets his old friends, his parents, and even himself. Trying to talk to his young double leads to a leg injury in the boy, which immediately manifests itself in the main character. The process of moving through time occurs imperceptibly, is not tied to any specific area and is not accompanied by any visual effects.

In the eleventh episode of the first season, three pilots of the experimental fighter-interceptor "X-20" Harington, Forbes and Garth make a flight into space. Four hours into the flight, they lose consciousness and come to their senses only a day later, after making an emergency landing in the Mojave Desert. Two of them escaped with scratches, and only Garth suffered a broken leg. Harrington and Forbes are the first to be released from the hospital. That same day at the bar, Harington suddenly feels that he must be somewhere else, and after a while disappears. His last words are to suggest that their miraculous escape is a mistake, and that someone (or something) who accidentally lets them go will take them back. All evidence that Harington ever existed disappears: his family and friends do not remember him, he is not listed in the documents, in the photos in the press, instead of the three pilots who escaped, there are two. The only one who remembers Harington's existence is his best friend and partner Forbes, but no one believes him. Twenty-four hours later, he returns to the hospital, where Garth is still staying, and tells him his story. Immediately after that, he begins to feel that he no longer belongs to this world, and disappears. A few minutes later, Garth disappears, too. An X-20 plane also disappears from a secret military hangar.

In the eighteenth episode of the first season, pilot William Terrence Dekker, a second lieutenant in the Royal Flying Corps of Great Britain, falls from March 5, 1917 to March 5, 1959, flying through a strange white cloud. Once inside this cloud, he could no longer hear the sounds of the fierce dogfight around him. In the future, he finds out that in 1917 he saved his partner, who came under fire from several German planes. To fulfill his destiny, Dekker returns to the past in the same way.

In the twenty-sixth episode of the first season, the scientist moves a killer named Joe Castle from 1880 to 1960. The move comes at a time when Castle is about to be hanged for his crimes. As a result of the movement, no traces remain on the body. Some time later, a criminal from 1960 named Paul Johnson is sent to the place of Castle in 1880 with the help of the same time machine. His body appears in the loop from which Castle disappeared shortly before.

In the thirty-third episode, the guardian angel turns back time so that his ward can relive the bad day.

In the tenth episode of the second season, a camera appears that can take photos of what will happen in this place in 5 minutes. The origin of the camera is unknown. Its body bears the inscription in French "Only 10 frames for each owner".

In the thirteenth episode of the second season, the main character finds himself on April 14, 1865, the day of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Moving back and forth in time occurs suddenly and is accompanied by a temporary loss of orientation and dizziness. The hero's clothing changes, and the new costume corresponds to the time in which he moved. He knows about the upcoming assassination attempt on the president, but is unable to prevent it. At the same time, smaller events change and even have consequences in the present. Returning to his own time, the hero discovers in his pocket an artifact from the past – the killer's handkerchief.

In the eighteenth episode of the second season, a Global Airlines jet (flight 33), flying from London to New York in 1961, is hit by a passing air current that accelerates it to the speed of sound. At the moment of overcoming the sound barrier, a light flash occurs and the plane, along with the crew and passengers, moves in time millions of years ago. The crew is reduced and sees the dinosaurs on the island of Manhattan. The captain decides to climb back into the air and once again break the sound barrier to return to his own time. The crew succeeds, but they end up in 1939. The series ends after the captain decides to repeat the time travel once again.The voice-over says that the plane is still missing.

In the twenty-third episode of the second season, the main character is transported from 1847 to 1961, walking through the desert in search of water and going behind a hill. He returns the same way, taking with him penicillin tablets for his son who has pneumonia. He saw the notes about his son in the encyclopedia and realized that the purpose of his journey into the future was to save the child. The gun, abandoned during the return in front of the locals and picked up by them a few minutes later, looks as if it had lain in the desert for a hundred years.

The thirteenth episode of the third season tells the story of time traveler Woodrow Mulligan from Harmony (New York), who goes from 1890 to 1960. He does this with the help of a "time helmet" created by local scientists and allows you to move to any year for exactly 30 minutes. To get back, you need to return to the point of movement and put the helmet on your head. If the traveler is holding someone in his hands while moving (whether it is a chicken or another person), then both move.

In the fifteenth episode of the third season, a young lieutenant in the US Army moves from August 06, 1945 to May 1942. He finds himself in the same area in the Philippines, but in the body of a Japanese man who is about to attack the defending American soldiers. The reasons for this and the reverse movement remain unknown. They occur at the moment when the lieutenant drops the binoculars.

In the thirty-fourth episode of the third season, a man returns to his late mother's house with a new wife. Starting to sort out old things, he starts the stopped clock. At this point, the time in the house is transferred to 25 years ago, and the elements of its furnishings gradually begin to change. At first, this is noticed only by the wife, who wants to sell the house and start her life; she manages to get out of the house and return to her own time. A man is happy to stay in the past. The house is completely transformed, his living mother appears, and he himself has turned into a little boy.

In the tenth episode of the fourth season, the main character with the help of a time machine moves into the past, trying to prevent the events that led to the death of a large number of people. He finds out that it is impossible to change the past, and in one of the cases he becomes the cause of these events.

In the fifteenth episode of the fourth season, a man comes to his home street for three days in a row and is transported to the same moment of his childhood. There he meets the boys who were once his friends.One of these boys brings a pocket watch lost on the street to his house three times, and is seen by the wife and guests of the main character. Following this boy to the same street, the woman sees her husband as a child, and a moment later he becomes a grown man again. The obsession ends after the main character realizes that memory is deceptive and retains only good memories, although in fact his childhood was far from joyful.

In the fourth episode of the fifth season, the main character is given a stopwatch that can stop time. Everything around him freezes until he presses the button again. It can move and interact with surrounding objects and people who can't see it.

In the tenth episode of the fifth season, three tankers on a training exercise fall from 1964 to 1876. They find themselves near the intersection of the Bighorn and Little Bighorn Rivers, where General Custer suffered a major defeat in a battle with the Indians and was himself killed. The main characters do not notice how they fall into the past. Suddenly, they begin to hear Indian drums, see smoke signals and teepees, and find an army canteen of the time. In fact, they follow the path of General Custer's troops. Returning to their camp, they are transported back to 1964, and the next day, going to the battle site, they are again in the past and do not return. Their names appear on a monument dedicated to the fallen soldiers of General Custer.

In the twenty-first episode of the fifth season, a woman at the age of 43, during a horse ride, accidentally falls into the past and meets her 18-year-old version. She tries to warn the girl not to make a mistake that will cost her happiness, but she does not recognize herself as an adult, gets scared and runs away. A woman from the future remembers this moment well and her fear of a creepy stranger, but continues to repeat unsuccessful attempts to change her past.

In the thirty-fourth episode of the fifth season, a famous artist comes to a remote village and meets a girl who sings a song whose lyrics predict his future. The girl behaves as if they have already met many times, but each time their meeting ended the same way-the death of the main character. This is confirmed by the tombstone with his name, which he passes at the very beginning of the series.

Phenomena in artwork: UFO

In the seventh episode of the first season, a spaceship from Earth can be mistaken for a UFO, delivering cargo to distant asteroids.

In the fourteenth episode of the first season, an experimental spaceship of the inhabitants of a distant planet is shown. It has the shape of a classic flying saucer.

In the twenty-second episode of the first season, an alien spacecraft appears, having the appearance of a classic flying saucer. Shortly before that, residents of a nearby town observed bright flashes in the sky, which they took for a meteorite.

In the twenty-fifth episode of the first season, a spaceship of earthlings is shown flying towards Mars.

In the fifteenth episode of the second season, an alien flying saucer is shown landing on the roof of a farmhouse. Before landing, the mistress of the house heard a loud shrill sound. The spaceship turns out to be small, not reaching the height of the woman to the knee. Later it turns out that it belongs to the Earthlings.

In the twenty-fourth episode of the third season, a Kanamite alien spaceship is shown, which looks like a classic flying saucer.

In the sixth episode of the fourth season, an Earth-bound interplanetary spaceship appears, shaped like a classic flying saucer. When taking off, a flame bursts out from the center of the lower part of it.

In the sixteenth episode of the fourth season, the Earthlings ' spaceship 2021 is shown, shaped like a classic flying saucer. On a ship, a rescue expedition arrives on a distant planet in order to save the settlers from death.

In the thirty-fifth episode of the fifth season, a UFO with aliens on board descends to Earth. It lands at night and strongly illuminates the surrounding area. During the day, it turns out that the alien spacecraft has the traditional shape of a flying saucer and at the same time is very small (about 1.5 m in diameter), which is due to the small growth of the aliens themselves. When the ship takes off, a flame bursts out from the lower part of it.

Phenomena in artwork: The evil eye, curses and corruption

In the tenth episode of the first season, the cursed is the captain of a German submarine that sank British ships with civilians during world war II, leaving them no chance of escape. Every night, he is again and again on Board the ship "Queen of Glasgow" and survives the attack of his own submarine, dying along with all the passengers.

In the twenty-ninth episode of the third season, a madman ruins the lives of ordinary people, whom he considers evil: Communists, terrorists, prostitutes, etc. He calls them at night and makes ridiculous accusations, addresses letters and calls to their places of work, etc. Trying to kill them all at once, he wants them to be no more than two feet tall. However, at the end of the episode, it turns out that the curse only worked on him.

Phenomena in artwork: Extrasensory perception

In the twelfth episode of the first season, psychic abilities are demonstrated by a street vendor who can see the future and offers his customers exactly the items that can help them avoid trouble or make them happy.

In the nineteenth episode of the first season, an officer involved in military operations in the Philippines has the ability to determine the near death of his fellow soldiers. He knows it by the peculiar glow of their faces. Looking in the mirror, he can see this glow on his face.

In the sixteenth episode of the second season, a man gains the ability to read minds after a coin tossed by him lands on an edge. The effect passes after the coin drops.

In the seventeenth episode of the second season, a woman in the hospital constantly has a nightmare, the events in which occur in a certain sequence. At the end of the dream, she finds herself in front of the door of the morgue, located in room 22, from which the nurse comes out and says that there is another place there. After discharge, while at the airport, the heroine catches herself thinking that the events that are happening resemble a sequence from her dream. She takes a ticket for flight 22, but at the entrance to the plane meets a flight attendant with the appearance of a nurse from a dream, who tells her the same phrase. The heroine refuses to fly on this plane; immediately after takeoff, it explodes in the air.

In the twenty-fourth episode of the fifth season, a man sees the events of his past, present and future on TV. The visions begin after he insults the TV master and he does something with the device. Scenes from the life of the main character are shown on Channel ten, which did not work before. At the same time, his wife does not see the image and does not hear the sound from this channel.

Phenomena in artwork: Paranormal abilities

The main character of the thirteenth episode of the first season of the series has the ability to change his face. To do this, he needs to focus and see in front of him the original (photo) of the person whose image he is going to take. The main character uses this ability to transform into dead people and gain benefits fraudulently. For some reason, although he only changes his face, his hairstyle also changes, and the other characters do not notice the substitution either in behavior or in complexion.

The twenty-third episode of the first season shows Walter Jameson, a man who has lived for more than two thousand years. He acquired the ability to live forever as a result of a magical ritual performed by an alchemist in antiquity. Since then, Walter's appearance has not changed, he remained a forty-year-old man. Jameson dies after being shot by one of his ex-wives, who, unlike him, has turned into an old woman. After a fatal wound, he begins to age quickly, and when he dies, he turns into a handful of dust.

In the twenty-seventh episode of the first season, the boy has the ability to change reality by making "the biggest and most cherished wish". If this desire concerns another person, then only he and the boy himself remember the "old" reality. At the same time, in order for the desire to work, this person must believe in the possibility of such a miracle.

In the thirty-sixth episode of the first season, superpowers are revealed by playwright Gregory West. He describes the characters of his works in such detail that they acquire flesh, free will and the ability to exist independently in our world. The character may not realize that he was created by the writer's imagination. West dictates the description to a tape recorder, then cuts off the part of the tape containing the recording and stores it in a safe. If he needs to get rid of the character, he burns the film in the fireplace, and the character disappears.

In the twenty-first episode of the second season, a man is shown who can move objects with his mind. This ability has been with him since childhood and seems to him as natural as breathing. Heavy things are harder for him to move than light ones. If he uses telekinesis for too long, he gets a headache.

In the twenty-seventh episode of the second season, the main character gains the ability to change reality by concentrating his thoughts. He starts with the disappearance of the housewife, then makes all the people on the planet disappear, then causes natural disasters (earthquakes and storms), replaces all the people with copies of himself, and finally returns everything to its place.

In the eighth episode of the third season, a six-year-old boy with superpowers keeps an entire town at bay. He can use his mind to isolate a city from the rest of the world, create and destroy grotesque living creatures, read minds, move objects, animals and people, turn people into toys, deprive people of their minds and control the weather.

In the fifth episode of the fourth season, the girl Elsa has paranormal abilities: she can read other people's minds and see what is happening from a distance (possibly through the eyes of other people). These abilities were developed in her parents, according to whom the ancient people had telepathy, until they invented language. The girl was taught to perceive not words, but thought images, and by the age of seven she had not learned to speak. As soon as she says her own name, her brain rearranges, and her superpowers disappear.

The hero of the sixteenth episode of the fifth season has the ability to change with other people anything, including age, physical condition, skills and character traits. So, first he exchanges a broken arm for a cold, then he sells his youth for a million dollars and returns it, buying up a year from the poor for a penny. Then he buys the ability to speak beautifully and empathize with others. People from whom he buys abilities for money lose them irrevocably, and in the case of an exchange, each of the participants in the transaction has only the trait that he receives as a result of it.

Phenomena in artwork: The Alien

The fourteenth episode of the first season shows the inhabitants of a planet on the verge of a global war, as a result of which civilization will be destroyed. Extraterrestrials look no different from humans, and their planet (roads, cars, household items) is a complete copy of the Earth of the mid-XX century. The main characters seek to escape by stealing an experimental spaceship and sending it towards the nearest habitable planet, located at a distance of 11 million miles – Earth.

In the twenty-second episode of the first season, aliens appear who conduct an experiment on the inhabitants of Earth. They land near a remote area of the city and cut off the electricity, causing mass hysteria among local residents. In appearance, the aliens are no different from humans.

In the twenty-fifth episode of the first season, the inhabitants of Mars are shown. They look like ordinary people and wear clothes similar to antique togas. Martians are able to read the thoughts and images of earthlings, as well as talk to them telepathically (a person at the same time seems to be talking to him in an Earth language).

In the fifteenth episode of the second season, the aliens who arrived on a flying saucer are shown. They are dressed in shiny spacesuits with rotating antennas on their heads and look very much like robots. The size of the aliens is small, slightly larger than the palm of the hostess of the house on the roof of which the spaceship landed. At the end of the series, it is revealed that the true alien is a woman, and the aliens are people in shiny spacesuits who have arrived on a giant-inhabited planet.

In the nineteenth episode of the second season, aliens from Mars and Venus appear, who conduct experiments on earthlings. Extraterrestrials from Mars temporarily give a person great strength, and the inhabitants of Venus-outstanding intelligence.

The twenty-eighth episode of the second season shows aliens from Mars and Venus. Both of them look like ordinary people, but the alien from Mars has three hands, and the inhabitant of Venus has three eyes. At the very least, a Martian is able to create illusions on Earthlings.

In the twenty-fourth series of the third season of the show aliens who call themselves kanemite. They look like tall humanoids with huge heads. The aliens are a little more than 9 feet (2.74 meters) tall, weighing approximately 350 pounds (158.7 kg). The aliens communicate telepathically, although they claim to know the language of earthlings. They are dressed in white robes, sewn "as if from gold threads." Upon arrival on Earth, the aliens endow humanity with their technologies (primarily fertilizers that make any soil fertile, as well as protective domes that make armies useless). Newcomers can arrange tours of the earthlings on the planet. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that they feed on humans. This becomes known as a result of the translation of a cookbook, for some reason left by one of the aliens in the UN building.

In the twenty-fifth episode of the third season, an alien from a distant (and unknown) planet is shown, who has supernatural abilities: he can change his appearance and turn into various creatures (from a Martian to a mouse or a fly), make objects disappear, treat diseases with a special device. The alien hides his real appearance of a handsome young man under the guise of an elderly man. Both in his true form and in disguise, he has the appearance of an Earthman.

In the twenty-eighth episode of the third season, people arrive on a planet inhabited by tiny creatures. The difference in size is such that alien trees look like moss to people. The natives are no different from humans, except in size: even their houses, tools, and cars are exactly the same as we are used to seeing on Earth. At the end of the episode, aliens arrive on the same planet, similar to humans, but much larger than them in size: an earthman easily fits in their palm.

In the thirtieth episode of the third season, the elderly author of endless tall tales is kidnapped by aliens for their alien zoo. Initially, they look like ordinary people, wear earth clothes and speak in pure English. Later it turns out that they wear masks, under which they hide their faces, similar to the faces of reptiles. The aliens have no concept of lies, and they believe in everything that the main character tells them. Aliens can't stand harsh sounds, and the harmonica is perceived as a weapon.

In the thirty-second episode of the third season, an alien crashes near a Mexican village located near the border with Texas. He looks like an ordinary person, but the police officer who discovers him and wounds him describes him as a huge monster. The alien is distinguished by excellent health: after a double wound in the chest, he lived longer than a human could, and his pulse remained steady and strong. During the operation to remove the bullet, he refuses anesthesia and calmly tolerates all the manipulations of the doctor. The Alien in pure English (Spanish?) He tells a local boy that he has come from far away, from "a place beyond the stars." He also believes in God, knows the story of Christ, and quotes an earthly poet. The alien arrived in peace and is going to give the earthlings a formula for a vaccine against all forms of cancer, but it is destroyed as a result of the barbaric actions of the locals.

The third episode of the fourth season shows a small secluded town of Quiet Valley, where ordinary people live with the technologies of the future. These are devices that can split into atoms and move any objects in space, materialize them, control time, create invisible walls, and even change people's memories. According to the stories of the elders of this town, the technology was transferred to them by a stranger who appeared more than a hundred years ago from another planet or from another world.

In the ninth episode of the fifth season, two aliens are shown, each crashed on his own spaceship and found themselves together on an uninhabited planet. The aliens look like ordinary people, their names are Adam Cook and Eva Nord, and they give the planet the name "Earth".

In the eighteenth episode of the fifth season, an organized group of aliens attempts to take over the planet Earth. They look like ordinary people, but have the ability to telekinesis and telepathy. There are thousands of aliens on Earth, they have penetrated into all spheres of life. The main alien works as a deputy chief of police. The aliens communicate with the leaders of the operation to capture the planet using radio equipment that interferes with the electrical equipment in the neighboring houses. The plan of the aliens is to poison all the water on the planet with bacteria, as a result of which all living things should die within a few days.

In the thirtieth episode of the fifth season, a married couple is abducted by aliens and placed in a toy city. The aliens look the same as earthlings, and even speak English, but are huge in size (the main characters are barely visible in the palm of the alien girl's hand).

In the thirty-fifth episode of the fifth season, very small aliens arrive on Earth. They land at night and try to scare people by simulating a giant attack. The aliens use a magnet to move the car, draw giant fingerprints on it, dig up a huge footprint on the ground, and inflate a balloon in the form of a one-eyed humanoid figure. When people, despite all the efforts of the aliens, resist and reveal their true size, the aliens report to the management about the failure of the mission and fly to another planet.

Phenomena in artwork: Poltergeist

In the twenty-second episode of the first season, poltergeist effects can be taken from the effects of aliens remotely controlling the electrical devices of earthlings. As a result of the actions of aliens in the entire area, the lights are turned off, cars do not start, electrical appliances do not work. After a while, the opposite happens: some of the cars start spontaneously, some houses light up, and the street lighting begins to flicker.

In the fourth episode of the second season, the main character is attacked by household appliances and mechanisms: a clock, a typewriter, a TV, an electric razor, a phone, a car. They try to drive him out of his own home, informing him of this intention by all available means. Objects move spontaneously and even fly, electrical appliances and the phone work without a network connection, the typewriter itself prints meaningful text, the girl on the TV screen addresses him by name. The attacks only happen when the main character is home alone, and it remains unclear whether all this is a figment of his imagination.

In the twenty-eighth episode of the second season, the results of the alien activity can be taken for the action of the poltergeist: the lights in the cafe blink, the music machine spontaneously turns on and off, phone calls are heard, sugar bowls explode. At the end of the episode, one of the aliens says that these are nothing more than illusions.

In the second episode of the fourth season, the manifestation of the poltergeist can be considered an unexpected appearance in the corridor of the ship wet algae, as well as a knock coming from a wrecked submarine 20 years ago.

In the seventh episode of the fourth season, the manifestation of a poltergeist can be mistaken for the spirit of a witch who, after the death of the physical body, has gained the ability to affect the material world while remaining invisible.

In the eighteenth episode of the fourth season, a magic book spontaneously falls from a bookstore shelf at the feet of a potential buyer. A little later on the bus, the same book jumps into the hands of the owner.

In the fourteenth episode of the fifth season, the main character begins to pursue poltergeist manifestations associated with his car, after he hits a teenager on it. The car's headlights suddenly start blinking, the horn goes off, and the radio turns on with a news broadcast about the incident. The car refuses to obey the driver when approaching the crime scene, and being left in the service center-independently returns to the garage. At the end of the series, the car chases its owner and takes him to the police for a guilty plea.

In the thirty-fifth episode of the fifth season, the police officer's car, which was standing on the handbrake, begins to move spontaneously and flips over. Later it turns out that this is the work of aliens who are trying to inspire the earthlings with horror of the unknown.

Phenomena in artwork: Ghost

In the twenty-ninth episode of the first season, a little girl can be mistaken for a ghost, sitting on the stairs near the apartment of teacher Helen Foley. A girl named Markie knows everything about the main character, including events from her distant past. She has the same burn scar as Helen, and she looks exactly like the main character at the age of ten. Except for Helen, the girl is not seen or heard, and the cocoa, which she drinks for some time, is untouched. It is later revealed that in the form of a little girl, Helen is her own repressed memory of the night her mother was killed.

In the thirty-second episode of the first season, a man is hit by a car, causing his soul to end up in purgatory. This place looks like an ordinary densely populated city, whose inhabitants go about their business, do not see or hear the main character. At the same time, he easily contacts the material world, for example, pours himself a drink in a bar (the bartender does not react to this in any way). Also, the main character is not reflected in the mirror, unlike the rest of the inhabitants of the city. Met there, the archangel Gabriel, the only one who sees and hears the main character, explains to him that the others do not see him, because unlike them, he has not yet died and can return to the world of the living.

In the twenty-second episode of the second season, the grandson speaks to his recently deceased grandmother on a toy phone that she gave him on the day of her death. The voice of the grandmother is not heard by anyone except the grandson. The grandmother calls the boy to her, he constantly gets into dangerous situations and eventually finds himself near death. The boy's father asks his grandmother to return him, and the boy comes to life.

The fourth episode of the third season shows the road along which the ghosts of people who died during the American Civil War move. On the side of the road are houses, some of which are haunted by the ghosts of women who died while waiting for their husbands from the war. Ghosts look and behave like living people: they retain injuries and injuries (severed limbs, lost vision, etc.) received at the time of death, they limp, feel thirsty and perform actions that they used to perform during life. They retain free will, can swear and even shoot at each other, but the shots have no effect. Not all ghosts are aware of their nature, but they all feel the urge to go further down the road.

In the fifth episode of the third season, the ghost of the pool champion appears at the call of a man who wants to defeat him. The ghost looks like a normal person, and even sweats when nervous. It turns out that the champion, after death, is forced to appear at the call of the contenders until one of them wins against him. The winner takes his place after death.

In the seventh episode of the third season, a shot killer before his death promises to return from the grave and meet his pursuer-a bounty hunter hired by the residents of the city (despite the fact that he did not kill him). The day after the funeral of the murderer, a hunter appears and goes to the grave at night to argue. In the morning, he is found dead. According to one version, he was killed by a ghost, according to another – fear.

In the ninth episode of the third season, the ghosts of prisoners in a German concentration camp drive their tormentor, who has escaped an international tribunal, to madness.

In the eighteenth episode of the third season, the spirit of a murdered gangster takes possession of a homeless tramp wearing his shoes. While the boots are on the homeless man's feet, the ghost is in his body and completely controls him, blocking the tramp's own identity.

In the nineteenth episode of the third season, the ghosts are an old man and his dog who drowned in a pond while hunting a raccoon at night. They wake up in the morning and go home, meeting people on the way who do not see or hear them. The appearance of ghosts is no different from their appearance in life.

In the twentieth episode of the third season, the ghost of a cowboy appears to an actor playing a sheriff in a low-cost Western, and sends him a vision of the real life cowboys of the past. The ghost represents the souls of all the bad guys that the sheriff defeats. He accuses the actor of being too soft for a cowboy, not knowing how to shoot and fight. The ghost stays with the actor to adjust the scripts and make him lose sometimes.

In the thirty-seventh episode of the third season, an elderly professor is visited by the ghosts of his heroically dead students to convince him that his life was not lived in vain. They gradually materialize in the classroom, their appearance corresponding to the age at which they last met the professor.

In the second episode of the fourth season, the ghosts of dead submariners appear to a sailor, the only one of the entire team to survive a shipwreck twenty years ago. They look wet and translucent, and only one person can see them. The ghosts call the surviving sailor to them with gestures, as they consider him guilty of his death.

In the sixth episode of the fourth season, the spirit of the captain of the crashed spaceship does not let go of the souls of his team members, not wanting to accept death and forcing them to experience the fall again and again. Souls sometimes break out of this loop, becoming invisible in the captain's reality and returning as ghosts to places where they were happy. There they meet other souls of previously deceased people.

In the seventh episode of the fourth season, the witch's ghost appears for a few seconds when her lover pierces the doll in her clothes with a silver pin and thus kills her.

In the eighteenth episode of the fourth season, the main character uses witchcraft to summon the ghost of first William Shakespeare, and then – prominent figures in US history. The ghosts look like they belong to the era they lived in. All of them are material, can interact with surrounding objects, and are visible to everyone. The ghosts realize that they have died and realize that they were called for a specific purpose. At the same time, the ghost decides when its task is completed and it can go back to oblivion.

In the first episode of the fifth season, a man on the verge of death meets his son, who is in critical condition at this moment, having been wounded in Vietnam. The son has the appearance of a ten-year-old boy, but understands that "his time has passed and it's time for him to leave." They have fun spending their last moments together at the amusement park they once loved to go to. The protagonist asks heaven to take his life in exchange for the child's life, and in the end his son survives.

In the twelfth episode of the fifth season, the main character, at the age of 76, believes that he will die when the clock given to him for his first birthday stops. When the clock stops, the old man's spirit leaves his body to travel to the other world. However, after that, the old man himself wakes up and refuses to voluntarily leave this world. The spirit looks like a translucent copy of the main character. They have a dialogue for a while. The spirit disappears after the old man claims that it is imaginary and does not really exist.

In the nineteenth episode of the fifth season, an elderly woman receives phone calls from her long-dead fiance. Such a connection with the ghost became possible after a telephone wire that broke as a result of a thunderstorm fell on his grave.

Phenomena in artwork: Witchcraft

In the thirty-first episode of the first season, a young man buys a love potion from an elderly librarian. The potion works too well: a girl who drinks it falls madly in love with a young man, completely loses her will and becomes excessively obsessive. The young man turns to the librarian with a request to reduce the effect of the potion, but he sells it to him (presumably) poison as the only way to get rid of an obsessive wife. Later, the librarian watches them from their own balcony, blows out a heart-shaped smoke ring, and disappears into thin air, revealing his supernatural nature.

In the fourteenth episode of the second season, the magic car Ford Model A (model 1927) is shown, the owner of which, against his will, must tell only the truth. You can get rid of this effect only by selling the car.

In the sixth episode of the third season, an enchanted antique mirror is shown. A person who looks into it carefully can see the faces of their murderers. It remains completely unclear whether the mirror actually works, or whether it is all just a game of the imagination of frightened people.

In the eleventh episode of the third season, the hereditary sorcerer (the seventh son of the seventh son) demonstrates supernatural abilities. With the help of a spell from the witchbook, he makes an entire army freeze. It makes it so that people can't move (including talk), but everyone can hear and understand. Before dying, the sorcerer passes the book to the first soldier he meets, and he easily reproduces the spell. He has a chance to ensure victory in the war, but it turns out that the book was written by the followers of Satan, and when reading the spell, you need to renounce God. The soldier burns the book in the fire, not wishing to curse his allies. It remains unknown whether the previously created spells continued to work after that.

In the twelfth episode of the third season, African sorcerers curse the employees of an American corporation that is building a hydroelectric power plant on the territory of their tribe. The curse does not work as long as the wife of the main character, one of the leaders of the corporation, keeps protective amulets. After her husband finds them and burns them in the fireplace, he begins to hear the sounds of African nature, finds a dead goat on his doorstep, and gets into various troubles. The taxi driver taking him home dies right behind the wheel at the traffic light. In the park, he hears the drums and sees the shadows of the animals swaying the trees. When he comes home, the main character finds in his bedroom an unknown lion that has already picked up his wife and attacks him.

In the twenty-second episode of the third season, the automatic piano has an effect on listeners, forcing them to reveal their secret feelings, thoughts and desires. Each time, the impact is carried out only for one person. The feelings they experience correspond to the mood of the melody played by the piano.

In the seventh episode of the fourth season, the witch gives the girl a love potion. After the girl drinks it, the man of her dreams falls in love with her. She herself loses her soul, becomes a witch, and begins to turn into a leopard after midnight. When a girl in the form of a leopard is hit by a bullet, she turns into smoke and disappears. The man then becomes free from the love spell. But the young witch does not die, but continues to appear to her lover in the form of various living creatures: a spider, a mouse, a frog. She even takes over the body of his young wife, and also becomes invisible. To kill a witch, you need to make a doll, put the witch's clothes on it and pierce her heart with a silver pin.

In the eighteenth episode of the fourth season, the main character uses a spell from the book of black magic to summon the ghost of William Shakespeare and forces him to write the script for a television series. Witchcraft works despite the fact that the summoning does not match the description in the book: is Falcon used pigeon feathers, sand from Egypt replaced local spider legs – ant. Later, in the same way, the main character summons a whole group of ghosts of prominent figures in US history.

In the twenty-third episode of the fifth season, a woman who calls herself the Queen of the Nile takes youth from men with the help of a magical skorobei beetle, which was given to her by the pharaoh several millennia ago. She puts the beetle on the man's chest, after which he rapidly (in a matter of seconds) ages and turns into dust. Then she presses skorobey to his chest and absorbs the stolen youth.

In the twenty-fifth episode of the fifth season, the dying protagonist forces his relatives, who want him dead, to wear grotesque masks, "created by a great sorcerer". According to him, masks give people features that are the opposite of those they possess. In fact, they transfer their inner ugliness to people's faces. In order for the masks to work, you need to wear them in the evening on a certain day in the year and wait for midnight. After removing the masks, it turns out that the faces of the people who wore them are distorted and become similar to the masks themselves.

Phenomena in artwork: Animated objects

In the thirty-fourth episode of the first season, the mannequins of a large supermarket are found alive. They come alive when the store closes, as well as being alone with each other. Outwardly, animated mannequins are no different from ordinary people. It turns out that each dummy (on a first-come, first-served basis) has the right to spend one month of the year among humans, living an ordinary human life. Being among people, the animated mannequin can forget about its true nature, sincerely considering itself a person.

In the thirty-third episode of the third season, a drinking ventriloquist is convinced that his doll is not only alive, but also has its own will, gradually taking control of the artist's performance. At the end of the series, it is revealed that the man and the doll have switched places.

In the eighth episode of the fourth season, a man sees a wooden doll come to life in a museum miniature. He falls in love with her and moves into her miniature home by the end of the episode.

In the thirteenth episode of the fourth season, wax figures of famous murderers, taken by a caretaker from a closed museum, come to life and attack his family and friends. It remains unclear whether the figures actually came to life or whether the crimes were committed by the caretaker himself.

In the sixth episode of the fifth season, the main character's adopted daughter is bought a doll named "Chatty Tina", which can speak a pre-recorded phrase ("My name is Chatty Tina and I love you"). However, the main character hears something completely different from her: first, the doll says that she does not like him, and later – that she hates him. He tries to throw the doll away, but it returns to the girl. Damage to the doll also does not work: the burner next to it goes out, and the circular saw does not leave a scratch. After these actions, the doll begins to threaten him, promising to kill him, and at the end of the series, the main character falls down the stairs, tripping over the Chatterbox Tina. The main character's wife, who has found her husband's body, hears a warning from the doll.

In the twenty-eighth episode of the fifth season, a live ventriloquist doll named Caesar incites his master to commit crimes. The doll can independently speak and move, has not only consciousness, but also a cunning, vicious and not bound by the norms of morality of the mind. The doll is heard not only by its owner, but also by other people, in particular, the daughter of the owner of the house. After the owner of the doll is arrested for stealing money from a karaoke club, Caesar sees a kindred spirit in the girl and turns to her with an offer to work together.

Phenomena in artwork: The Genie

In the second episode of the second season, a Genie from a bottle appears. He can fulfill four wishes, after which he must return to the bottle and stay there for another 101 years. The Genie appears in a cloud of smoke, gradually materializing and turning into a tall, thin man in a strict suit and carrying a cane. The fulfillment of desires always entails consequences that negate the entire meaning of the desires themselves.

In the twelfth episode of the fourth season, a Genie appears from a lamp purchased at an antique store. It differs from the classic Djinn: it is dressed in modern clothes, fulfills only one wish, and also warns about the consequences of common variants of rash desires. It does not impose any restrictions on the content of the fulfilled desire and is even able to turn a person into an all-powerful Genie. Apparently, the Genie determines these rules for himself: a person turned into a Genie is ready to fulfill three wishes, but sets other conditions for the person who finds the lamp.

Phenomena in artwork: The mystical fog

In the second episode of the third season referred to the mystical fog, which disappeared the plane, carrying out flight 107 from Buffalo. 20 years later, the man investigating the disappearance, sees the same plane landed without passengers, crew and baggage, which it is compared with "the Flying Dutchman". Once it becomes clear that each person sees the plane differently (tail number, color sensors, etc.), the investigator realizes that the aircraft is nothing short of an illusion. The next moment the plane disappears.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Werewolf

In the seventh episode of the fourth season, a girl drinks a love potion prepared by a sorceress. As a result, she loses her soul and turns into a leopard every night after midnight. When a local resident shoots a wild animal, the leopard turns into a cloud of smoke and disappears. The girl does not die and gains the ability to appear to people in other forms: a spider, a frog, a mouse.

Phenomena in artwork: Gremlin

In the third episode of the fifth season, an airplane passenger sees a gremlin that appears on the wing during a storm and tries to damage the aircraft's engine. The creature is most similar to the classic Bigfoot: tall, humanoid, covered with thick fur. Apparently, the gremlin can fly, and the oncoming air flow does not bother him at all. Only the main character sees it, and as soon as he tries to attract the attention of other people to what is happening, the gremlin disappears from view. In the end, the passenger kills the gremlin with a pistol by opening the escape hatch. Everyone thinks the man is crazy, but the final footage of the damaged wing skin confirms the reality of what happened.

Phenomena in artwork: Double

In the thirteenth episode of the fifth season, a double of a young and successful actress appears, who flies in a plane over her hometown. The double looks like an exact copy of the original, is completely material and can interact with surrounding objects and people. He comes to the city and tries to save its inhabitants, luring them out of the clearing, which should fall the same plane in which the actress is flying.

The double appears after the actress receives a ring as a gift from the residents of her hometown. In it, she sees the faces of her old friends, begging her for salvation. After successfully completing his mission, some time after the original's death, the doppelganger disappears into thin air.

Phenomena in artwork: Anomalous zone

In the twenty-sixth episode of the fifth season, dawn does not come to a small town in the Midwest. Its inhabitants longed for the death of a convicted murderer, and their hatred provoked an abnormal area of darkness, limited to the vicinity of the town. The same anomalies are beginning to appear around the world in places where people show hatred and intolerance towards each other.

Phenomena in artwork: Zombies

In the thirty-second episode of the fifth season, a visiting conman tells the town's residents that he can raise the dead from the graves of their vast cemetery. He performs a fake ritual and declares that soon the dead will begin to return to their homes. The townspeople pay him to prevent this from happening, after which he leaves. It soon turns out that he really has the ability to resurrect the dead: the dead climb out of their graves and go towards the city. Zombies move slowly, while retaining their intelligence, the ability to speak, memories, their inherent desires and aspirations during life, and intend to return to the city and do their usual things. They are aware of themselves as the risen dead, remember the ritual and the person who conducted it.

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