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People with black eyes

Added Wed, 24/05/2017
anthropomorphic creature
unusual eye color
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Relatively recently (about 20 years ago), the popularity began to gain a legend about people with black eyes. Usually referred to as ghosts, but because of the frequency you can display them in separate phenomenon.

These creatures look exactly like humans, only their eyes (sometimes only the iris, and sometimes the entire protein) is filled black. Visual age, according to witnesses, often children, but sometimes adults.

It should be noted that the color of the eyes can be not only black. Tell you what similar creatures are entirely white, red and even glowing eyes.

The very first story about encounters with these creatures is the description of the meeting with them journalist Brian Butler:

January 16, 1998, around 10 PM he stopped at a well lit Parking at the cinema to fill out a check to pay for the Internet. Suddenly the window of his car, someone knocked on the door. It was two boys of about 13 years. One of them turned to the journalist, explaining that they wanted to see the movie, but forgot the money at home. Would he give them the service and not whether he will take them home?

It seemed that the guys looked absolutely fine, but in the soul of Butler began to emerge eerie, inexplicable fear. Something in their behavior, speech (spoke only one boy, and spoke as a teenager and as an adult, confidently and without embarrassment), the movement was very strange and alarming. Brian suddenly realized that the film, which they allegedly wanted to see started an hour ago and soon had to end. He didn't want to let the children into the car, but realized that the hand not obeying him, she reaches to open the door.

When their eyes met, Brian froze in horror: the eyes of the children were coal-black. Pupils and white iris were absent. Entirely black eyeballs. Just for a moment, Brian looked away. But it was enough that he came to. The journalist herself. And the boys started talking again: "come on, mister, we won't hurt you, we have no weapons, let us in. We can't go until you tell me I can. Let us inside!" By extraordinary effort Betler shook off the daze and pressed on gas. The car started. Brian looked around – the Parking lot was empty.

"I believe that was in danger, and I believe that it came from something extraordinary. What I then experienced was one of the most horrific events in my life, and I have no desire to deal with this again" - were repeated time and again Brian.

In 1998, Brian Betler has created a list of paranormal phenomena associated with such creatures. People from Texas to Portland, Oregon sent him in the mail his impressions of sudden encounters with "black eyed kids". However, by 2013, the network began to assume that the legend about people with black eyes based on one of the episodes of the show Weekly Strange (operating interesting, shocking and strange topics), which were published case reports of the appearance of these children.

Unfortunately, official certificates, photographs or videos of such meetings, we could not find, although the stories of eyewitnesses quite a lot.

Highlight similarities in the messages of these witnesses:

  • unusual eye color;
  • almost all meetings take place either at night or late in the evening;
  • beings usually interact with the witness, while most often they want to be sure to be let in the house or a vehicle.

Descriptions of these creatures and their behavior rather intersect with stories about ghosts and vampires. But who are they? Beings from a parallel world? Aliens? Demons?

Of rational explanation, in addition to errors of perception and deliberate fraud that could explain any phenomenon are the following:

Body modification. Now available tattoo only on body but also on the eyes. People paint the iris or all of the visible eyeball in any color.

Colored lens. They also can have any pattern and color, and occupy almost the entire visible to an outside observer part of the eye.

Diseases of the eye. The eyes may have an unusual appearance due to any disease. As example aniridia or cataracts and other diseases (including drug intoxication and intoxication) and injuries resulting change in the shape or color of eyes. So, when a broken blood vessels eye protein can adopt a red hue, but because of the syndrome ADI abnormally expanding at least one of the pupils.

Separately, you can select just the unusual color of the eyesgiven to man from birth. For example, albinos are often red or purple shade of eyes.

Those who deliberately distorts his features, often don't stop at changing the eye color. They can insert the implants, deformed limbs, etc. that makes them even more similar to the representatives of the other world.

Now this topic already feeds itself. Over time, from urban legends and descriptions of eyewitnesses of the creature with black eyes got on cinema screens and the pages of books. These images were used in the TV series "Secret materials" and "Supernatural," and in 2012 on the screens released film "Children with black eyes" that contributed to their popularization.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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